Your Secret Place


The results are in.

Last week, with a rude Jam Art Print by Vadge of Honour on offer, we asked for your favourite nickname for your private parts.

Reader Missred won a print with this handy moniker:

‘I find gicker or guthar (both said in a proper Dub accent) to work the best in any situation. “Your gicker is showing” sums up an awful lot. Well, not in front of the family. The word “thingy” was used when I was a kid for one’s growler.’


Thanks all.

The Jam Art Print competition runs here every second Thursday.

Last week: Ladyparts For Art’s Sake [Extended]

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9 thoughts on “Your Secret Place

    1. Pleasure Merchant

      Her real name was Catherine but everyone called her Kit-Kat. Her younger sister was called Twix. Her brother was called Finger of Fudge.

      Write the rest of this joke yourself.
      I don’t want to get banned.

  1. missred

    Oh my god (or oh my guthar), thanks a million! I never win these things. Where do I sign up to give more dirty gems of my vernacular?

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