This afternoon.

What would MacLiammóir and Edwards say?

Probably quote Shakespeare.

Or Aeschylus.

Impossible to tell.

38 thoughts on “Discrimigate

    1. K. Cavan

      Goodness me, Sara, you are an enthusiastic little bigot, aren’t you? Your 27-word vocabulary looks very familiar.
      You’ve assumed that everyone who might attend The Gate is a moron who fell for the Covid scam?

    2. Cui Bono?

      I used to go all the time.

      You haven’t a clue what our arguments are or who we are. All you know is what you’ve been propagandised to think.

          1. Sara

            What amazes me is that two people actually bothered to come together to have sex to make you. What a waste of human energy.

          2. Nullzero

            Such a lovely person. You’ve certainly made me take your argument a lot more seriously by getting personal with people.

    3. Liam

      Can’t see the likes of John Waters, Dee Wall, Jim Corr, or Gemma O’Doherty leaving their bunkers to go to a play. It’s a non-issue for the covid deniers. They’re more likely to see the inside of a toilet bowl than a theatre.

    4. Cú Chulainn

      Lucky break… no more I’ll be washing my hair on that night.. another excuse to the ready…

  1. Zaccone

    Is this not the standard government imposed rule, ie the Gate have no real choice in the matter if they want to stay open?

    I’m all for arguing that the rule is beyond pointless at this stage (92%~ of adults vaccinated in Ireland, and probably 2-3% more done in the UK/US/EU on top). But thats something to direct at the government, not the Gate.

    1. Chris

      It’s only premises that serve food. Why other business are so quick to join the fascist parade, I’m unsure. But given the levels of derangement of some Covidian’s – they probably think they’re doing ‘the right thing’.

      1. SOQ

        Petty sure that if like the north where is is voluntary, you would see quite a class divide on the issue- and very few implementing it.

        Interesting that Michelle O’Neill was quoted in the Belfast Telegraph as saying that she would prefer if it was voluntary- another way of saying she is against it being mandatory- which is consistent with the SF position in the south.

        That means the only party in the north in favour are the SDLP which just shows how far they have drifted from their original civil rights politics.

        1. chris

          I don’t really see any political solution as valid at this point. Aside from the Covid scam – do they not read policy? Are they on-board with the removal of all private property rights by 2030?

          As elected representatives is it not their job to study these things and inform and warn the public? We know they’re in it for themselves but I had hoped a least a couple would have a conscience and speak out.

        2. MacGafraidh

          So what. They don’t have to let you in. They’d be fairly wreckless to allow unvaccinated people congregate on their property. Do it outside if you want, you won’t do it on their premises and that’s their choice. I fully support it.

          1. Sara

            All they have to do is to ask ‘are you a virgin?’ If the answer’s yes, they’re unvaccinated. Problem solved, no conspiracy theorists will be overly offended.

        3. E'Matty

          Well Sara, we can all tell you’re definitely no virgin anyway. Though it never ceases to amaze me how low lads will sink with beer goggles on. Rothar Mor they called her.

  2. MacGafraidh

    So what. They don’t have to let you in. They’d be fairly wreckless to allow unvaccinated people congregate on their property. Do it outside if you want, you won’t do it on their premises and that’s their choice. I fully support it.

    1. Cui Bono?

      You are so brainwashed from the biggest propaganda campaign of all time that you actually believe unvaccinated people are carrying and spreading covid to everyone who is vaccinated from covid.

      You clearly don’t believe these vaccines are very good, maybe you’re an anti-vaxxer deep down.

      Snap out of it and THINK.

      1. Oro

        Maybe they don’t want unvaccinated people to spread it to other unvaccinated people on their premises? As in they don’t want to be a location where people are getting sick.

        1. Chris

          If a person was symptomatic – they have no place going out in public. The idea of asymptomatic spread by unvaccinated people is a myth.

          Their intentions are most likely driven by the unrelenting propaganda.

          1. Oro

            Sure, they would have no business going out, but human nature is what it is. So you do acknowledge that there is a higher risk to unvaccinated people from other unvaccinated people?

          2. Chris

            I don’t know if that’s the case Oro, I’ve read that the vaccinated have just as high a viral load. Does that mean they spread it at the same rate? I personally haven’t a clue.

          3. Oro

            Yes I’ve read that can be the case, but it seems they’re infectious for a much shorter period of time, presumably less likely to spread it in a real world scenario.

            I just think that if I was unvaccinated – I wouldn’t really want to be in a theater setting. Can’t understand the logic. Surely everyone has people in their lives that are older or at risk, why would you want to put yourself in a position where you’d put their health at risk.

          4. Chris

            I wouldn’t want to put anyone’s health at risk but given that the vast majority of the elderly are vaccinated – that I would be putting their health at risk is a concession that the vaccines barely work.

            Anyway, it’s a moot point for me as I was supposed to visit my parents this weekend but I’m not going to as I’m recuperating from a cold! Is it covid-19? Haven’t a clue. Doesn’t seem any different from colds I’ve had in the past.

  3. MacGafraidh

    What’s that a default response with no volume.. You disagree? Well you must be brainwashed. Get a grip. A business owner can decide who does and doesn’t enter their premises. On this occasion they’re deciding anyone unvaccinated is not to enter. The one thing we do know is that those vaccinated are impacted less by the virus and experience less serious complications. Is it not enough that they might want to do their utmost to ensure IF the virus is caught inside that the impact is minimal? Could that actually be sensible and smart or are you going to continue your little tirade.. How dare they.. They’re brainwashed, you’re all brainwashed.. Let me into your club.

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