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Ballymun, Dublin

Sean Finnan, in the Dublin Inquirer, reports:

“Yeah. We’ve no pubs in Ballymun,” says [Patricia] Mulready. “No pubs and no shops.”

“Ballymun is gone,” says [Dinagh] Neeson.

Both women say the fact that the last pub is now done is symptomatic of the wider malaise in the town, where social life for all age groups has been hollowed out.

“No shops, no pubs, no entertainment for the kids, we’ve to go on the bus to the bingo,” says Neeson. “There’s nowhere to socialise.”

“This is why the young fellas are getting into trouble,” says Neeson. They’ve nothing to do.”

. . . “A good-quality pub with food, and a meeting space, is seriously lacking in the town, and is important for both business and social life, [Head of Ballymun4Business Robert Murphy] says.

Nicola Keating, who lives locally and works in the Axis centre, just across the square says she agrees with Murphy.

“There was a big theatre show on recently in Axis, she says. The actors asked after where they could go for a drink, and maybe a bite to eat.

“We kept them here and we gave them drink here but we couldn’t feed them. Well, I gave them crisp sandwiches,” says Keating. “It’s embarrassing.”

Ballymun Should Have at Least One Pub, Local Residents Say (Sean Finnan, Dublin Inquirer)


Pic: Dublin Inquirer

Last night/this morning.

The Metro Hotel and apartment complex, Ballymun,  Dublin 11.

Two fire engines remain at the scene of the blaze which broke out at about 8pm last night, in a private residence above the Metro Hotel.

…The fire started on the building’s 13th floor before spreading to surrounding floors.

It is understood members of Dublin Fire Brigade went through the building, floor by floor to ensure it was fully evacuated.

The brigade’s Chief Fire Officer said that the fire has been extinguished and investigations will begin once the building has been made safe.

Investigation into Dublin hotel fire set to begin (RTE)

Pics; Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews/RTÉ

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The new modular housing development for homeless families being built near IKEA in Ballymun, Dublin.

John Lawrence writes:

One builder I spoke to commented it would be at least another month before all 22 temporary homes, (costing €4.2m), are completed.

If this is true, it’s a long way from the December 21, 2015 “ready for occupation” date cited in a press release by Dublin City Council – notwithstanding a local row that halted development there for a few days.

It would also be interesting to know how will the Dublin Region Homeless Executive select which families live there, given there are many hundreds of homeless families now in the capital?


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Protesters gathered earlier today at the site of where 22 modular homes are being built in Ballymun

You may recall how yesterday Labour TD Ann Phelan explained that a new policy directive will give the chief executives of Dublin’s four local authorities the power to “dispense with the normal Part 8 planning process” – or public consultation process – for any situation they deem to be an emergency in regards to homelessness.

Further to this…

RTÉ reports:

“Work has stopped on the site where the first set of modular homes are to be located in Dublin due to a protest.”

“Around 20 people have gathered at the entrance of the site Balbutcher Lane in Ballymun.”

They say the modular housing project puts plans by a local co-op to build 40 social housing units on the same land in serious doubt.”

“…Dublin City Council said the modular homes provide no issues for the co-op’s plans.”



Dublin City Council say:

If the current protest being held at the Baile na Laochra Modular Homes site in Poppintree, Ballymun continues, 22 families will remain in unsuitable accommodation in commercial hotels for the Christmas and into early 2016.

The four Dublin Local Authorities, An tArdmhéara Críona Ní Dhálaigh and the Peter McVerry Trust are asking the protesters to stop obstructing building works on the site and enter into constructive discussion with Dublin City Council.

The contract was awarded to Western Building Systems following an Accelerated Restricted Procedure (ARP) to provide homes in recognition of the extreme urgency to respond to family homelessness in the Dublin region.

Protest disrupts work at modular housing site in Ballymun (RTE)

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Pics: Ballymun Says No via Marcus Aindrea

Dogsaid(Rachel Purvis, left, and Maggie Howard at their generator-assisted Dogs Aid Clinic at the base of the last remaining tower in Ballymun)

Dogs Aid Clinic at Balbutcher Lane, Ballymun, Dublin has been running since 1987.

But the volunteer-run facility is now under threat because of a Dublin City Council’s regeneration programme.

The power and water have been switched off and last night over 50 animals were treated in a clinic which is now being run with a generator.

A spokesperson for the clinic writes:

“Dogs Aid have run a clinic for many years now for the animals of Ballymun. Every Tuesday we see so many cats, dogs, birds etc and without us their owners wouldn’t be able to afford to get the treatment they need. The last tower stands today and Dogs Aid Clinic’s time is ticking by fast. Our clinic is right under this last tower and we have been told that we now have to move, but to where? Dublin City Council have given us no alternative, we are in desperate need of a premises that we can see the animals in every Tuesday and that our brilliant vets that give so much time to us can do operations also. Without this clinic so many animals even further than Ballymun will suffer…WE NEED HELP, ADVICE AND MAYBE A MIRACLE…”




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Pic: Dublin People

Thanks Claire McMorrow

UP TO 500 people may have to move out of their newly built homes in Ballymun in north Dublin because of damage caused by the defective building material pyrite.

The presence of pyrite is suspected in up to 140 houses and apartments in two new estates built to rehouse residents of the former 1960s high-rise flat complex.

Preliminary tests carried out on stone samples in the houses in Owensilla and part of the Carton estate came back 50 per cent positive for pyrite – a sufficient level for 140 occupied homes to need a full assessment.

140 more homes in rebuilt Ballymun affected by pyrite (Olivia Kelly, Irish Times)

(Laura Hutton, Photocall Ireland)