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This morning.

Ballymun, Dublin 11

flowers at the scene in Sandyhill Gardens,  where Gardai discovered the body of Lisa Thompson, 52 years, on Tuesday. Lisa had been the subject of a serious physical assault, and died as a result of her injuries.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


Via Irish Independent:

We can reveal that while gardaí continue to keep a “completely open mind” in relation to her death, sources said she may have become “vulnerable” and “inadvertently associated” with local criminal elements due to a change in her lifestyle over the past year.

“Information has come in that this highly respected lady’s life became a bit chaotic in the last few months,” a source said. Because of this situation she may have been in contact with very unsavoury people, which may be who carried out this savage murder.”

Gardaí stressed this was only one line in their detailed enquiries and “every avenue” is being investigated.

‘Change of lifestyle’ link investigated in murder of mother-of-two Lisa Thompson (Independent.ie)


This morning/afternoon.

Dublin 11.

Gardai at the scene at a private residence at Sandyhill Gardens, Ballymun where they yesterday discovered the body of Lisa Thompson, age 52, who had been the subject of a serious physical assault, and died as a result of her injuries. Gardai said that she could have been dead for some time before her body was discovered.

Gardaí keeping open mind in Ballymun murder investigation (RTE)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

The old Balbutcher Lane site, Ballymun, Dublin

This morning/afternoon.

A good day for ratlickers.

Not so good for Ballymun residents.

Via Dublin Live:

The rats are coming across to homes from a field in Balbutcher Lane, a largely residential area with lots of young children.

They are often spotted sitting brazenly out on the path, and one concerned mother told Dublin Live that they are living in constant fear.

She said: “If you’re walking by them, they just don’t move. The traffic is not even bothering them.

Locals in the area took to Facebook to share their own horrible experiences.

One person said: “The size of them, it’s not normal.”


Giant rats leaving terrified Dublin residents ‘afraid to leave windows open’ (Dublin Live)

Dublin City Council Cllr Noeleen Reilly

This morning.

Supporters and residents protest outside the Travelodge hotel, Ballymun and Ballymun Council offices.

The hotel has been used by Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) as accommodation with the contract due to end on July 15. CATU Ireland claims that families being moved out of the hotel have been offered “dangerous and unsuitable” accommodation.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

This morning.

Belclare Terrace, Ballymun, Dubln.

Gardai and the Technical Bureau at the scene where a man was fatally shot last night. Gardaí have appealed for the public to respect the family of the deceased by not sharing video footage of the scene circulating online



Ballymun, Dublin

Sean Finnan, in the Dublin Inquirer, reports:

“Yeah. We’ve no pubs in Ballymun,” says [Patricia] Mulready. “No pubs and no shops.”

“Ballymun is gone,” says [Dinagh] Neeson.

Both women say the fact that the last pub is now done is symptomatic of the wider malaise in the town, where social life for all age groups has been hollowed out.

“No shops, no pubs, no entertainment for the kids, we’ve to go on the bus to the bingo,” says Neeson. “There’s nowhere to socialise.”

“This is why the young fellas are getting into trouble,” says Neeson. They’ve nothing to do.”

. . . “A good-quality pub with food, and a meeting space, is seriously lacking in the town, and is important for both business and social life, [Head of Ballymun4Business Robert Murphy] says.

Nicola Keating, who lives locally and works in the Axis centre, just across the square says she agrees with Murphy.

“There was a big theatre show on recently in Axis, she says. The actors asked after where they could go for a drink, and maybe a bite to eat.

“We kept them here and we gave them drink here but we couldn’t feed them. Well, I gave them crisp sandwiches,” says Keating. “It’s embarrassing.”

Ballymun Should Have at Least One Pub, Local Residents Say (Sean Finnan, Dublin Inquirer)


Pic: Dublin Inquirer

Last night/this morning.

The Metro Hotel and apartment complex, Ballymun,  Dublin 11.

Two fire engines remain at the scene of the blaze which broke out at about 8pm last night, in a private residence above the Metro Hotel.

…The fire started on the building’s 13th floor before spreading to surrounding floors.

It is understood members of Dublin Fire Brigade went through the building, floor by floor to ensure it was fully evacuated.

The brigade’s Chief Fire Officer said that the fire has been extinguished and investigations will begin once the building has been made safe.

Investigation into Dublin hotel fire set to begin (RTE)

Pics; Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews/RTÉ