Cobh Garda station; former minister Shane Ross

This morning.

Anthony Sheridan writes:

On September 23 last I submitted a complaint to Cobh Gardai regarding the alleged criminal leaking of information at Cabinet table discussions, specifically the Zappone appointment leak and accusations by Regina Doherty against former sports minister Shane Ross.

Over the years I have submitted a number of similar complaints regarding alleged political corruption.

I do not submit these complaints with the expectation that those suspected of corruption/criminality will face charges or even be investigated.

Irish citizens will be painfully aware that when it comes to political corruption the wheels of justice remain rusted to the tracks.

The principal reason for submitting the complaints is to substantiate my belief that we live in a dysfunctional democracy where the rich and powerful are allowed to operate outside the law.

I was therefore surprised and delighted to get a telephone call from Cobh Gardai requesting my presence in the station to make a statement regarding the complaint.

It would appear that somebody in Garda Headquarters has decided that the matter warrants investigation.

Could it be that those rusty wheels are beginning to move?

Anthony Sheridan is a freelance journalist and blogs at  Public Enquiry.

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8 thoughts on “Rum Cobh

  1. K. Cavan

    Watching our political hack class get caught again & again, fumbling in the greasy till, sure it’s better than a belt of the crozier. It’s odd that they’ve never managed that most important skill required of criminals, the ability to not have your wrongdoing detected. Luckily, the entire system, from the EU to the Judiciary, is on hand to turn a blind eye to it all.
    Regina Doherty, doesn’t she resemble a Stepford Wife from a nightmare vision brought on by rashers that have passed their sell-by date?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Hey Millie. I couldn’t find the original thread, so sorry for jumping in here.

      Just to say that your decision to hold off on buying a house……good decision

      I watch Co. Wexford, and the price reductions are starting. Out of 20 houses I was watching in June, 16 have now reduced prices.

      My own twoppence worth.

      After the summer, rental properties which were making €1000+ per week during the summer are/will now come on stream.
      Together with that, high priced houses are in short supply and estate agents have to make money somehow – look at the number of estate agents vying for business. In the last 3 days, 30 houses have come on the market. Up to then there was maybe 2 per day.
      The crazy prices up to now (in Wexford, mind) will reduce over the next few months. Daft and MyHome can talk it up all they like but house prices are on the way down now. I pity anyone that has overpaid for property in the past year. Noose around their finances.
      The clever ones (like you) will pick up bargains in February/March or before. I know I will

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