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Paul Quin – Everything I Loved I Lost (That Day)

Magic and loss.

The inimitable Paul Quin (top) pays a heart-stopping tribute to a late friend on his new single on Scent Air Records.

Breathtaking lyrics and sumptuous synth sonics combine to offer a profound meditation on life, love and death.

Truly a work of art.

You can catch Paul perform his new single live at the Power Of Dreams Christmas Concert filmed on Tuesday and broadcast on Dublin South FM on Tuesday night.

Nick says: The mighty Quin.

Paul Quin

3 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. goldenbrown

    not familiar with your stuff but I do appreciate a professional musician doing their thing and I thought your art deserved at least one positive comment ffs?

    so nice 1 Paul Quin, I hope you survive these troublesome times and might catch a gig for a closer look when/if we ever achieve a semblance of normality soon

  2. Gay Fawkes

    I worked in a place with Paul when I was a young man coming to terms with my sexuality. It was always heartening to see someone with such ballsiness, such chutzpah, peacocking around the office and generally not giving an eff about what people thought about him, how he dressed or behaved. It certainly prompted me to grow a pair and step out of my drafty closet. He hasn’t changed!

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