This afternoon.

House of Commons, London, England, UK.

Via BBC:

Covid restrictions in England will be eased from next Thursday, UK prime Minister Boris Johnson announced

Working from home guidance will end and people will no longer be asked to wear masks anywhere.

The compulsory use of Covid passes at certain events will also end even though venues can still use them if they wish

From 20 January, face masks will no longer be required in any classrooms…

Well now.

That appears to be that.

So it does.

That was mad, wasn’t it?

Covid restrictions to be relaxed next week, PM says (BBC)

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107 thoughts on “Covexit

      1. Frank

        I think you’re wrong SOQ. They resisted imposing restrictions when SAGE were screaming for them and it has proved that course was correct.

        1. SOQ

          Yes fair point but the fact that his staff clearly did not have the fear they were pumping out into the general public, has left him in a very precarious position.

          1. Frank

            I think the number one thing they look for over there (and quite rightly) is leadership. Dare I say that despite a party or two he has actually steered them (without the outrageous restrictions we have suffered here) through the poostorm.
            I say his position is safe.

      2. TenPin Terry

        I was stood at a bar having a pint of foaming ale at 10pm in Blighty last July.
        I’ve been seeing full stadia in English football grounds on telly since not long after that – even popped in to see my beloved Spurs play to a full house in December when I was over.
        Today in Ireland we’re hopping from one foot to another in anticipation at opening hours being extended beyond 8pm from next week if we’re lucky.
        Pinting at the bar ? Who knows when.
        And Ireland’s infection rate is still much higher than the UK.
        Ending Plan B restrictions which were only brought in for Omicron was always planned for a moment like this.
        So yes, I suppose being right is all relative …

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Idiot tries to look clever.
            Idiot tries out various identities
            Toddle along now. It’s getting late.

          2. Reasonable Commenter

            Hint. You’d have to have an identity in order to try out another one.
            It’s ok though, you wouldn’t know any better.

  1. Nigel

    A great blow for freedom! Now to get on with the policing bill, criminalising critical journalists, dismantling the BBC, privatising the NHS, welfare cutbacks, channeling billions to unqualified chums, deregulation, financial and reputation laundering for foreign plutocrats, and ‘work events!’

    But no.masks! Take that tyranny!

      1. Nigel

        They got one thing right about covid, and that was their vaccine rollout. Everything else has caused death and misery.

          1. Nigel

            And people get mad at me for pointing out that opposing, or in this case begrudging to begin and rushing to end, public health measures during a public health crisis is inherently characteristic of the modern right wing.

          2. Frank

            it’s over Nigel. It’s been over for a very long time. Only the very sick (sick in the head) want to prolong it any further

          3. Frank

            Yes I did tell Covid. I had it all the way back in March 2020.
            My wife told Covid and my kids told Covid. Even my elderly in-laws told Covid.

          4. Nigel

            I didn’t ask you if you had covid. I asked you if you’d told covid that the pandemic is over. Because literally the only relevant limiting factor on the length of the pandemic is covid. Boris can suspend all the pandemic responses he wants, he obviously hates doing anything inconvenient that might save lives or protect the NHS, but that doesn’t mean covid is gone.

          5. scottser

            nigel, the only other person who responds with ‘have you told the pandemic?’ is joe duffy.
            let’s not go joe, ok?

          6. Nigel

            Then let’s not confuse populist Tory political opportunism for the pandemic being over either, shall we?

          7. Frank

            Yes Nigel. I have had Covid. So in my part I have told Covid the pandemic is over.
            It is over for my wife.
            It is over for my kids.
            It is over for my compromised elderly in-laws.
            Covid holds no fear for me.

            Covid kills a certain and specific cohort. Who are they? and why does it kill them?
            2 years in and a shed of money thrown at this and only now have trials opened in this respect at the University of Oxford.

            To continue to medicate the healthy for the benefit of …whom?? that should be the question and indeed FINALLY it seems it is… register here

            ….another thing that ‘they’ did right in England. Proper research into the causes of Covid hospitalisations and death

          8. Frank

            Incorrect Nigel.
            Covid does not cause MOF multiple organ failure in every infection.
            That is gross misinformation.
            Covid is a mild and quickly recoverable virus for the very large majority of us.
            Not to diminish the very small cohort of people that experience the serious end of the infection spectrum of Covid.
            Who are they Nigel?
            Who succumbs to MOF multiple organ failure?
            That is what is needed, not mass medication or mass vaccination (which will not stop transmission)

          9. Nigel

            Ovr 150,000 dead in the UK. To say nothing of the numbers who experienced serious illness. I dunno, that seems like a lot, for one disease in two years. How are you going to protect a ‘certain and specific cohort’ with a disease as infectious as covid without taking public health measures?

          10. GiggidyGoo

            Typical Nigel – called out, and then tries to divert the conversation. Which part of
            “ Covid does not cause MOF multiple organ failure in every infection.” can you not deal with?

          11. Frank

            “How are you going to protect a ‘certain and specific cohort’ with a disease as infectious as covid without taking public health measures?”
            By finding out who Covid is deadly to and protecting them through treatment rather than unnecessary public health measures for the likes of me who Covid is nothing more than a cold.
            I can only assume Nigel that you have not (or perhaps think you have not) had Covid and for reasons best known to yourself are treating it as a death sentence of Multiple Organ Failure if contracted.
            You seem like a clever enough chap. Why have you chosen to believe in a notion so at odds with reality?

        1. Frank

          …and for making actual decisions rather than hide behind public health officials and allowing confusion without leadership

          1. Nigel

            Pushing against an open door. It’s the ones pointing out the corruption and incompetence and the callousness and the body count that have targets on their backs.

  2. Kim Cardassian

    But but but

    I thought this was about control and a larger conspiracy theory that vaccine passes would never end?

    I expect to see apologies from all the muppets who claim it was

    1. SOQ

      It must be really difficult going through life with such a one-upmanship mindset- disabling even. Easy knowing you are not one of those affected anyways.

      It will take years for all of the bankruptcies, liquidations and mortgage defaults to go through the system and that is not to mention the people who have missed diagnosis which will probably kill them, but everything has to be about scoring points eh?- sad really.

      1. Kim The Cardassian

        Yes it is all about scoring points.

        That’s why you comment on every single post, pointing out the errors of others, from your perspective.

    2. Frank

      Kim, England have trod their own path since the start of this and they continue to do so. For that they ought to be applauded.

          1. Frank

            ….and access to the BBC player. Indeed RTE being replaced by BBC Regional Ireland?
            take my passport.

          2. Kim Cardassian

            Beggars can’t be choosers though. Maybe they’ll give us a fleet of green Luas’s’s’s’s’s’s and no more red ones as a compromise?

          3. Fergalito

            How plop are we as an electorate that having thrown the yoke of British imperialism off after centuries of genocide and iron fist in iron glove we elect the floots that we have running the country up and down the margins of mediocrity, kowtowing to all and sundry and figuratively waving their willies hither and tither for likes.

            We only have ourselves to blame until such a time as people realise that the “them” we have encrusting the Dáil chambers are supposed to be us and something (peaceful and extraordinary) is done about it. Happy to sit on the couch eating biscuits as a nation. No wonder St. Patrick is on the snakebites in Grogan’s!

    3. Cui Bono?

      Let’s see what happens over the next few years.

      Leo Varadkar, Fauci, Bill Gates, Chris Whitty and many others have all said there will be another deadly variant coming.

      Meanwhile, vax passes and masks are still here in Ireland and most countries.

        1. Cui Bono?

          Bill Gates said “the next one will get everyone’s attention” and appeared upset that covid wasn’t as much of a killer as first thought.

          Chris Whitty said it will be a deadly flu, not coronavirus.

          1. Nigel

            The next one will get everyone’s attention, everyone’s going to be watching it like a hawk, and the one after that. I don’t know what Chris Whitty means by that, covid is not the flu, the flu does not attack internal organs or the brain.

          2. E'Matty

            Don’t forget Bill’s snigger as he said the next pandemic will get our attention. He is incapable of discussing depopulation, deaths in pandemics, or future pandemics without sniggering to himself. Loves a good laugh does our Bill.

          3. Micko

            “ the flu does not attack internal organs or the brain.”


            Yeah it does Nigel


            “ Other possible serious complications triggered by flu can include inflammation of the heart (myocarditis), brain (encephalitis) or muscle tissues (myositis, rhabdomyolysis), and multi-organ failure (for example, respiratory and kidney failure). Flu virus infection of the respiratory tract can trigger an extreme inflammatory response in the body and can lead to sepsis, the body’s life-threatening response to infection.”

          4. Nigel

            True enough, I was clumsily drawing a distinction between covid, which can leave you with long-term damage to various organs and the flu, which does not, or so I thought, but on checking it turns out ‘long flu’ is also a thing, so never mind, the comparison may be apt after all.

          5. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            all virus infections take a long time to recover from, long after you are technically “well”

          6. Micko

            Fair enough Nigel.

            I think in a lot of folks have never had the flu, I know I never have. It’s just a shorthand for a bad cold for a lot of people.

            I remember my Dad had it once years ago. He was never really sick, but the flu knocked the absolute crap out of him.

            Hallucinating and everything he was, temp of 104 I remember the Doc saying when he did a home call.

            Weeks he was recovering. Couldn’t leave the bed.

          7. Fergalito

            Had the real flu meself years ago Micko, exactly as you’ve described in your Dad.

            Zero craic. Zero.

        2. Janet, dreams of all the cake

          there could be an asteroid that would put us all out our misery, there could be lots of scary things, it’s not a good enough reason to look is all up and ruin people’s livings,
          what they should have done is made a health system half way worthy of the name

        3. Verbatim

          “Covid is not the flu, the flu does not attack internal organs or the brain”. Bio-weapons do though!

  3. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

    The difference in confidence when your health system looks like a state of the art smart phone as opposed to a phonebox in Finglas in the 90’s. Serious questions to be asked – when all this over – as to why we have such expensive yet utterly crap health care facilities. They kept is locked up to protect their reputations and credibility as much as anything.

    1. SOQ

      This one is interesting. There is not the political will to socialise health care in ROI- despite the fact that it has been proven to be a way more cost effective means of delivery.

      I can only assume that is because the ‘for profit’ sector have undue influence in the right circles- money talks etc. and consultants take the public system for an absolute ride.

  4. Nigel

    ‘Well now.

    That appears to be that.

    So it does.

    That was mad, wasn’t it?’

    Hey Bodger, just for context, maybe you should put up the latest UK infection rates, hospitalisations, ICU numbers and deaths? Just to show that it’s really all over bar the funerals?

  5. Cian

    Meanwhile in Czechia:

    A folk singer from the Czech Republic has died after deliberately catching Covid, her son has told the BBC.

    Hana Horka, 57, was unvaccinated and had posted on social media that she was recovering after testing positive, but died two days later.

    Her son, Jan Rek, said she got infected on purpose when he and his father had the virus, so she could get a recovery pass to access certain venues.

    The Czech Republic reported a record number of cases on Wednesday.

    1. Kali

      Relax Cian, you’re wasting your time crawling the web for a covid stories to try to shock. People die everyday from many causes but not living is not and never has been the correct course of action to avoid death. If it was we would need to ban everything from transport to building homes. Life needs to go on and that’s what’s now happening. The jig is up for the lockdown lovers. Time to crawl out from under your bed

    2. Ballyoo

      From your link:

      On Sunday morning, the day she died, Ms Horka said she was feeling better and dressed to go for a walk. But then her back started hurting, so she went to lie down in her bedroom.

      “In about 10 minutes it was all over,” her son said. “She choked to death”.

      This is a bit fishy.
      She said “she was feeling better and dressed to go for a walk”. Anytime I have the flu or a bad cold going for a walk is the furthest thing from my mind. Because I’ve zero energy. So this woman had a fair bit of energy if she was considering a walk.
      Secondly, “her back started hurting”. I didn’t now back ache was a symptom of Covid…
      Finally “She choked to death”. What the hell? Sounds to me like she had a heart attack…

      The Branch Covidians jumping to conclusions.. again…

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Funny how it works – because of Boris’s hesitancy at the start of the pandemic, many UK people died.
    And now, because he wants to try save himself, he’s willing to put many more lives at risk?
    (That’s the view of a mate in the UK who says that’s the general take on it over there)

    1. TenPin Terry

      I’d be interested in learning how your mate gleaned this ‘general take’ from 68 million people.
      Is he your opposite number in Holyhead and do you Whatsapp each other from the night shift Portakabins ?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        G’way Walter Mitty. You’re a very silly boy. You’re still No. 1 as Charger Salmons in google search.
        Toddle along there. Maybe try get a parking space on some side street close to Heathrow to try save some parking costs next time you venture to blighty. Ha haaaaa.
        Davis told me by the way. Ha haaaa.

        Enjoy your beans. Spilled ones are just lovely.

        Dominique, nique, nique. Put that into google translate. ROFL

        1. TenPin Terry

          If anyone has the faintest idea what this deranged woman is talking about I’d be delighted to hear their take.
          It follows a pattern of when being challenged to back up her ‘ knowledge ‘ she has a hissy fit and scatterguns absolute nonsense.

          1. Reasonable Commenter

            You two are really made for each other.
            I’m glad to see Giggidy has moved on from her last torrid affair with BitnBoxy.

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