“There Could Be Another Chapter” [Updated]


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This morning.

Via RTE news:

The Taoiseach said the current 8pm closing time for the hospitality sector is in place until the end of the month, but said he thinks people can “look forward to an earlier lifting of restrictions.”

However, he warned there are some elements of Covid-19 measures that may be kept, adding that there “could be another chapter and we need to be vigilant and mindful of that.”

Mr Martin said mask wearing will be an important feature and said he thinks that public health advice will maintain that.

He said the booster campaign will continue until April because so many who were infected with Omicron were unable to get the booster.

Taoiseach says some restrictions may be lifted next week (RTE)

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104 thoughts on ““There Could Be Another Chapter” [Updated]

  1. Frank

    “He said the booster campaign will continue until April because so many who were infected with Omicron were unable to get the booster.”

    why would you get a booster if you had Covid? ….and had previously been vaccinated against Covid!?

    1. Mr.T

      “Children in Africa are dying from no covid vaccines, and you won’t even finish taking all the ones you bought?”

        1. Mr.T

          Any proof that low vaccine uptake causes variants?

          Because with animal reservoirs, and mass spread through the vaccinated, that argument doesnt hold much weight.

          1. Nigel

            Unless you’re saying uncontrolled spread through unvaccinated populatons does not pose a risk of new variants that have the potential to overcome existing vaccines, I really don’t get your point. It’s not the only source of risk, but it is a major one.

        2. E'Matty

          Why would a variant emerge from there, as opposed to here? Given the vaccinated can be hosts, and if the virus has to work harder to get around the vaccine, isn’t it more likely that any potential for a more dangerous variant would present in highly vaxxed populations as opposed to than unvaccinated, where it can transmit easier, if claims of vaccine efficacy in reducing transmission are to be believed?

          The idea that Africa unvaccinated poses a threat to us is such a load of absolute garbage.

          1. Nigel

            Because the virus spreading easily is more likely to breed variants than the virus finding it harder to spread. Evolutionary pressure from high vaccination rates MIGHT breed a new variant resistant to the vaccines, uncontrolled spread in unvaccinated populations is almost certain to. That’s why not making sure places like Africa get access to vaccines is self-defeating.

          2. George

            “the virus has to work harder”

            You clearly don’t understand what mutation is or how variants occur. They are more likely to occur when the virus has the highest chance to reproduce. The virus reproduces more effectively in unvaccinated people who have a high viral load for a longer period compared with breakthrough infections in vaccinated people.

          3. SOQ

            There zero evidence that over any sustained period, vaccinated people are any less infectious than unvaccinated.

            If anything, the spectre of post vaccine negative efficacy is rearing its head, and that is very worrying.

          4. Nigel

            There’s lots of evidence: unvaccinated have always been hospitalised, put in ICUs and died at proportionately higher rates than the vaccinated, all across the world. When you consider some of the unvaccinated probably had covid and acquired natural immunity, that proportion gets even worse.

          5. E'Matty

            Rubbish Nigel. Clearly in the real world the vaccines are utterly useless at preventing transmission. “Studies” from vested interests shoeing otherwise have zero credibility post Omicron. The people you’re relying on have been consistently wrong in their claims of efficacy across the board to date. Real world evidence destroys their self serving claims every single time.

          6. andrew

            “There zero evidence that over any sustained period, vaccinated people are any less infectious than unvaccinated.”

            This is so wrong it could not be any more wrong

          7. andrew

            “if the virus has to work harder to get around the vaccine”

            This is a spectacular example of how to show in 12 words you have no idea how a virus or a vaccine works

          8. SOQ

            @ andrew- so why is there such a correlation between high vaccine rates and high infection rates?

            It should be the opposite surely?

          9. K.Cavan

            Nigel, you are spewing out utter nonsense, this Fake Science you picked up from the TV was made up to convince people to take the Clot Shots, it’s entirely fictional. If anyone is infected with any pathogen there are only two possible outcomes, your Immune System fights it off, in which case you’ll have robust levels of immunity, or it kills you or seriously impairs your health.
            Nobody gets Covid twice, the idea is simply counter to everything we know about our Immune Systems. I’m using the word Covid in a scientifically correct way here, of course, you use Sars02 infection, Sars02 transfection & Covid interchangeably, because you’re a spoofing ignoramus, when it comes to viral pathogens, at least.

          10. Nigel

            ‘Nobody gets Covid twice, the idea is simply counter to everything we know about our Immune System

            Similarly, nobody ever gets the flu twice, or a cold twice, or bronchitis twice, etc.

        3. K.Cavan

          It’s difficult to justify calling this “Fake Science”, because that phrase contains the word “science”. Many of the phrases that do describe it are considered rude, also. Anyway, for anyone who’s read Nigel’s comment, it’s balderdash, his lips are moving but he’s talking through an entirely different orifice.
          As with all RNA viruses, natural immunity to one variant gives robust immunity to all variants.

    2. Zaccone

      People in Ireland already double vaccinated, who then also got covid over Christmas…. taking up vaccines for boosters when millions of people in their 80s around the world haven’t even had one vaccine shot yet, still.

      Particularly when said people are under 40, their risk profile as being that age, double vaccinated and covid recovered is zero.

      Its fairly mindbogglingly selfish.

      1. Mr.T

        Its about €€€
        Hard to justify ordering even more vaccines when the ones we have already arent being used.

      2. K.Cavan

        Given that the Clot Shots provide weak levels of immunity & a high risk of fatal or damaging side effects, witholding them from Africa is essential, they do not have the medical facilities to deal with the fallout. About 5% of Africans have received the Fake Vaccines, that’s 5% too many.

    3. jonjoker

      There is an art to interpreting what is being said. Years of reading official reports is a help in this regard.
      “the booster campaign will continue until April” actually (probably) means they will stop vaccinating altogether in April.
      … cos the pandemic scamdemic is over.

  2. TenPin Terry

    Varadkar has been briefing journalists for days saying the 8pm closing time will be lifted next week.
    Now Mehole says end of the month.
    Clearly His Master’s Voice Holohan has had a word.
    What a spineless toad.

      1. paul

        also Leo loves to hear himself talk. It’d be right up his street to say nice things to make others look bad.

        1. K.Cavan

          You’d have to say, paul, that neither Varadker or Martin requires the other briefing against them to look bad, they manage that very well, all on their own.

          1. George

            He did not say the last day of the month. He said the end of the month. If you’re going to argue that the 30th Jan isn’t the end of the month you’d argue with a wall.

  3. SOQ

    That the leper pass is the last thing to go is very telling. They are going to drag this out for all it is worth because they absolutely love the power trip, and if that means a few more small independent businesses going to the wall- sure what odds?

    1. No more Maura

      Leper pass, ha, ha I shouldnt laugh but that is too funny. Exactly, this has all been about Tony O Hoelahan trying to take over the country for his own personal power trip. I hope he is happy now!

      1. E'Matty

        Nah,Tony seeks to progress a Technocratic ruled global system. It’s based on intellectual elitism. They believe democracy and allowing the people play a role in their own governance is to be consigned to history as big data becomes the basis for a “Smart World”, their idea of Utopia. Smart cities, Smart homes, the Internet of things, the Internet of people, AI and quantum computing. Everything becomes a data point in a centralised system of management of every aspect of life and every living organism. They think it’s man taking direct control of evolution for the first time. It’s utterly psychopathic and views humans as little more than meat robots.

        1. SOQ

          Problem is- the tech ALWAYS fails to deliver, especially the first time around. In this case the tech was vaccines- which have been a monumental fluck up.

          In the meantime the virus done what viruses do- become more infectious and less virulent, which really threw a spanner in the works.

          1. andrew

            A spanner in what works?

            This pandemic has played out pretty much exactly as we expected it to, with the vaccines serving pretty much exactly the role we expected them to,
            It must be tough to be observing this and realising you’ve basically been getting your panties in a twist and your head full of steam for nothing and you’ve made a tremendous fool of yourself. What I would say, though, is I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how everyone will just move on and forget it all. There will inevitably be a few sniggers, some gently ribbing at your stupidity, but on the whole it will move on and everyone will too.

          2. SOQ

            In what way have the vaccines served the role they were expected to?

            THEY DON’T WORK ! Otherwise, why would everyone need monthly shots?

        2. No more Maura

          I wont lie to you EMAtty but that is all a bit over my head. Ive heard about these smart homes with automatic fridges that order your shopping and that, mad but what are you saying Tony has got to do with that? The HSE will take over your phones? I dont know, a bit above my pay grade but I still agree with SOQ that he just loves all the power and attention he has got from this, every night it feels like he is on the fecking telly, do this, do that, masks masks masks blah blah blah

    2. freewheeling

      Martin is the EU’s latest Irish patsy, hoping for an Enda Kenny style tickle behind the ear from Ursula. He’s doing the dirty work of keeping the EU pass alive for them, until (or if) the EU powers align to international sentiment on vaccine passes. Pretty sickening really.

      1. E'Matty

        Exactly. They’re already seeking to link the massive societal impositions of Covid to those they claim are necessary to fight “Climate Change”. Every aspect of our lives is up for grabs.

    1. K.Cavan

      We’ll all be keeping an eye on those who took the clot shot, tom2, the more avaricious among us will be ingratiating ourselves with those who’ve taken the boosters, hoping for a windfall in their wills.
      If they’re all alive in 3 years time, we can probably go back to calling them gombeens, to their faces.

  4. Nigel

    Between the lifting in the UK and the proposed lifting here of lockdowns and restrictions which we have been assured were going to be permanent and ongoing, and this (supposed) advisory on the vaccine passports that were supposedly the whole point of the pandemic, I’m beginning to theink the secret cabal’s heart just isn’t really in taking over the world via pandemic/vaccine/digital passes.

    1. SOQ

      Passports were introduced without a shred of scientific evidence, and those who done so refused to answer why.

      That alone should ring alarm bells- but not with you obviously.

        1. SOQ

          For a very short period of time, about a month. Afterward they are back to square one, same as protection against serious CoVid-19 disease.

          Otherwise, why is Israel on it’s fourth shot?

          1. Nigel

            So, you agree that they work. Well done.

            ‘why is Israel on it’s fourth shot?’

            Because they work. Oherwise why would they even bother?

          2. SOQ

            A therapy which was promised as two shots and done becomes a shot every month- that is a fail on every level.

        2. Cui Bono?

          do you think that the drop in infection and hospitalisation during the summer months was the vaccines working?

          or do you accept it’s a natural seasonality with coronaviruses?

    2. K.Cavan

      Equating The British Isles with “the world” is pretty dumb, even for you, Nigel. Most of Europe is continuing with The Great Reset, as is Ireland, as will the UK, when Johnson is ousted. Public support for vaccine mandates is crumbling, in light of how utterly useless the clot shots are at actually vaccinating people but that’s just another complication on the long road to Neo-feudalism, they’ll come up with some new Fake Science, claim Sars02 is being spread by pets, eating meat, driving cars, whatever & Nigel will be here, talking about the “proven link between infection & carbon use” or some other fairy tale he heard on the telly.

        1. George

          Nice attempt to avoid being confronted by your own past claims. But no, it won’t wash. Your YouTuber is not an expert.

          1. George

            Again you’re deflecting. His qualifications are less than Luke O’Neill’s. If Luke O’Neill’s aren’t good enough for you, which you have said, then neither are the Doctor of nursing education’s. You can either say you were wrong about Luke or you can admit this chap is no expert.

      1. E'Matty

        O’Neill has been consistently wrong throughout this pandemic and Campbell has been pretty much on point.

        1. andrew


          Says the fellow who believes the vaccination program is an attempt to cull the global population and turn the surviving children into robots

          1. K.Cavan

            Hehehe, says the fellow who believes that 0.76% of the world’s human population dying in 2020 was a Global Pandemic, the exact same percentage that passed in the previous two years.
            What do you call a Gobal Pandemic that had no effect on Total Mortality?
            Where’s Cian to claim that ten million died from a Novel Coronavirus, when you need him?

      2. K.Cavan

        O’Neill has lied, repeatedly, in the MSM. It’s his probity I’d question, not his qualifications.

      3. K.Cavan

        George, 229E, OC43, HKU1 & NL63 all became endemic, that’s what Coronaviruses do, by natural selection, because the only function viruses have is reproduction. Vaccines for RNA viruses are at best, a waste of time, at worst, an insane risk. All Virologists & Immunologists knew this, before Sars02 appeared. Mild, highly-infectious variants produce more copies, so inevitably predominate. You were conned, wake up.

    1. andrew

      In what way exactly is John Campbell a “specialist” on this issue?

      He is an A&E nurse. Like, Jesus Christ, are you even trying?

      And from his own bio – written by himself:

      “Hello Everyone, My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.”

      And pay special attention to the disclaimer:

      “Disclaimer; These media including videos, book, e book, articles, podcasts are not peer-reviewed. They should never replace individual clinical judgement from your own health care provider. No media-based material on this channel is suitable for using as professional medical advice. ”

      Like really man – this is a massive LOL. He doesn’t even stand over the rubbish he spouts. It’s entirely packaged for gullible fools with issues.

      1. SOQ

        I have seen some dumb ad nauseum attacks on here but that one takes the biscuit.

        The Covidians are really starting to panic now.

        1. andrew

          In fairness, petal, it might be you who’s panicking

          A “dumb ad nauseum attack”? Can you show me where I’m wrong in the above comment? I’ve cut and pasted the man’s own words!

        2. K.Cavan

          Yes, SOQ, but will that pounding in their chests be panic or the subtle effect of their damaged capillaries? Not to worry, a couple more boosters & they won’t have the strength to turn on their phones.

      2. K.Cavan

        andrew, the head of NPHET hasn’t even got a PhD. One thing that’s been made clear by this disaster is that the upper echelons of the HSE/Civil Service/NPHET is full of people who couldn’t make the grade in Big Pharma with their ability but would like to ingratiate themselves with the money men by impressing with their ability to lie.

  5. SailorGerry

    I am pretty sure the heart is still in it for the cabal; this pause in Covid hysteria will be temporary in nature I fear.

    We still have Nato fermenting unrest on Russia’s border and the UK sending arms to the Nazi’s over there, as a hot war would be a useful distraction.

    There is the massive inflation pressure that is starting to manifest in all parts of life as we lurch towards the euro behaving like the Turkish Lira.

    The fake climate change tripe will march on and be used to milk the average serf of what little disposable income is left.

    I think we just entered the next phase of the operation, which is a financial crisis and the only solution that will be on offer is their CBDC.

    Only ray of sunshine I see is more and more people are waking up, and seeing through the lies they are being told every day.

      1. K.Cavan

        Ah, Nigel, you are the horse that, being led to water, just stands there, farting. You consistently reiterate the fake science peddled on the news shows but seem not to have been paying any attention to actual events. Nothing going on in the Ukraine? Inflation not galloping away into the distance? ‘Course not, all fake news.

      1. K.Cavan

        “Cyber Pandemic”, lol, like all hacks, Klaus “Anal” Schwab loves a mixed metaphor. I notice he’s taken to calling The Great Reset a “Renaissance”, recently.
        There are multiple threats facing our civilization, replacing Democracy with Expertism lies at the root of most of the actual dangers, the fake ones are cooked up by “The Experts”, to enforce their intellectual abstractions on society, proving again that Democracy is the least worst form of government & we need to restore it.

      2. Nigel

        ‘911, 7/7, Covid-19 pandemic all “coincided” with simulation exercises for those very same threats.’

        Everyone knows correlation = causation.

  6. andrew

    “The WHO is recommending that countries lift their international travel bans. They have also suggested proof of vaccination is not necessary.”

    So confusing. I thought WHO was a corrupt agency under the control of vaccine-warlord Bill Gates… has the WHO gone from being a good guy to a bad guy and now back to being a good guy? Does Broadsheet now like the WHO?

    1. George

      Also not entirely true as is always the case with broadsheet’s twitter bros who never appear capable of posting a link. The WHO said vaccination certs should not be relied on as the only control.

      WHO yesterday said the pandemic is “nowhere near over”.

    2. K.Cavan

      andrew, the WHO is a big organisation, its vaccine section is run by Chris Whitty’s brother, its biggest sponsor, after the USA, is Bill Gates but it “suggested” vaccine passports are a bad idea, so it’s clearly completely free of corruption & doesn’t sign up to any of the stated aims of its parent organisation, the UN? You’re joking, right?

  7. f_lawless


    It’s a bit of a misleading tweet by Zuby in my opinion. There are a few countries left which still have complete travel bans on certain African countries since the panic over the Omicron variant. The WHO are recommending that those countries remove their bans. They’re also not taking a stance against heath passports as such. The WHO have apparently “urged countries not to require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 as the only way for travelers’ entry citing inequity in vaccine distribution. “

    So effectively what they’re urging is that the net of biosecurity surveillance system be widened to incorporate travellers from countries where vaccine roll outs are not yet as advanced. They’re still very much on board with “the whole world must be vaccinated” elite-driven mania. Two days ago the WHO’s Dr Mike Ryan spoke at a World Economic Forum conference in Davos: Ryan:”The problem is we are leaving huge swathes of the world behind…But vaccines are absolutely central. There is no way out of the pandemic right now without vaccines as the central strategic pillar.”

    1. andrew

      Anyone intent on seeing bogeymen in the shadows will – even when the light is turned on

      It must be exhausting being one of you lot

      1. K.Cavan

        Not really, andrew, reading the Ad Nauseam fallacies from the “Trust the Politicians” brigade & their Fake Science is tiresome, rather than exhausting.

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