It Tolled For Them




Via Mail on Sunday.

More than two years since Covid-19 emerged, many feel they want a simple answer: how many were killed by this virus?

Last week, The Mail on Sunday set about tackling the ongoing concerns that tests used to diagnose Covid were picking up people who were not actually infected.

The conclusion of some scientists was, yes, they did. And there were those who maintained that despite shortcomings, PCR swabs – used by millions – were accurate enough.

Yet one study suggested that as many as a third of all positive cases may not have been infectious at the time they took the test.

It not only means the true scale of the pandemic could have been distorted, but also that many people may have been forced to self-isolate unnecessarily.

Equally concerning is the idea that the UK’s stark and terrifying death figures – which were broadcast daily – were misleading and even overblown.

The chaotic way mortalities were recorded during the pandemic could mean thousands were WRONGLY blamed on the virus (Eve Simmons, Mail on Sunday)

36 thoughts on “It Tolled For Them

  1. Nigel

    one study suggested
    may not have been

    Anti-vaxxers who pedanticised every detail of anything that suggested covid was serious and making people sick and killing them are going to suddenly find themselves urgently pushing this as definitive and final and utterly decisive.

    1. Nullzero

      Because you’re so willing to listen to other points of view yourself Nigel…

      “Everyone’s stupid except me”.

      1. Nigel

        I think I’ve shown that I do listen to other points of view. What am I supposed to do, pretend they’re not stupid if I think so?

        1. f_lawless

          You could try not resorting to name-calling and not misrepresenting the standpoints of those you disagree with in order to make your criticisms . Just a suggestion

          1. K.Cavan

            I think you’ll find, flawless, that you’re mistaken, there. Nigel cannot resist a Strawman or two. But Nigel, your self-image as someone who actually listens to others before declaring them stupid for not agreeing with you is not accurate. You often start typing before you finish reading my posts. Yeah, a hidden camera.

          2. Nigel

            In fairness your own comments are so stuffed with straw you could stick it in a field to scare off crows.

    2. K.Cavan

      You know ”pedanticised” isn’t a word, Nigel? Nothing urgent about it, however, anyone who wasn’t so naive as to be consuming the MSM like it was still the 80’s knows all this for more than year. A glance at the CSO website says that the government agrees but just lied to people like you, because they know how stupid most people are.
      You’re the type of guy I’d pretend to agree with, because you want to be right, all the time and so desperately, oh so desperately. Actually, you’re right, Nigel, except for ”pedanticised”, I’ll have to pedantisize that one.

      1. Nigel

        I’d say the occasional brief glance at a website is all you need to confirm you’re right about everythng.

      2. Fearganainm

        Collins English Dictionary says that ‘pedanticise’ is indeed a word.

        You being wrong – who would have thought it?*

        *Paddy Power has stopped taking bets on the possibility.

      1. Ray

        I agree. Why no need for restrictions now with the numbers so high when we had all sorts of restrictions over the past 12 months when numbers were mostly lower?

          1. Ray

            Hospital numbers are as high now as ever. Cases as high now as at nearly all other points over past 12 months. 7 day average deaths more or less the same now as they were pre-vaccine.

        1. Nilbert

          “Hospital numbers are as high now as ever. Cases as high now as at nearly all other points over past 12 months. 7 day average deaths more or less the same now as they were pre-vaccine”

          Cases are massively higher than they were last year. If we had this number of cases back then, with the delta variant, and without vaccines, there would have been an absolute disaster.
          That’s why we had those restrictive short-term measures in place then. The vaccine, and the less dangerous but more transmissable variant means we can loosen restrictions, but the virus spreads a lot further.
          Most of the people in hospital wth covid are in for other reasons.

          1. Ray

            Most Covid hospitalisations have always been for other reasons. Still very labour intensive with various protocols etc. Today’s bed use is higher than 97% of all days of the entire pandemic.

            Why no call for restrictions?

    1. K.Cavan

      Any idea what restrictions means, Ray? To you, that is. There’s a lot of fascist types on here & restrictions might mean concentration camps to that lot.

      1. E'Matty

        To be fair, I think Ray is rightly highlighting the fact that this time last year the lunatic Covidians were screaming out for authoritarian measures and imposing their madness on all of society and now, tumbleweed, despite higher case and death numbers. The media haven’t told the people to be afraid and so they’re generally not afraid. The media is too busy selling them the Ukraine narrative. It’s the new cause du jour for the mindless virtue signaling brigade.

        1. Ray

          Not only last year. We had it last December when all underlying factors were the same as now. We knew the severity of Omicron. We knew how many had the vaccine. Back then Anthony Staines wanted an 8 week lockdown. People were screaming for mandatory vaccines. People were still advocating for ZeroCovid. A few months before that with numbers going the other way, we decided to put masks on our 9 year olds.

  2. Hughie Luas

    “The Mail on Sunday”.

    That’s enough as a credible source. Vogue Williams obviously out doing another Fairy ad.

      1. K.Cavan

        Well, that’s a turnip for the bucks, Ian. I thought you swore by the MSM, I mean, you hardly arrived at all your right-wing political views on your tod?

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      it really pisses me off the way her skirt matches the fairy colours

    2. K.Cavan

      At the same time, Hughie, they normally tally with your opinion, I’d have thought you’d love that rag? No?

  3. Nilbert

    The science of detmining the excess mortaility of a global pandemic is very complicated. It wouldn’t seem to be judging by the blind confidence of many of the commenters on here, but it is.
    However, there is a very definite consensus among experts that previous estimates of mortaility were hugely understated.

    1. SOQ

      The only mortality figure which counts is overall, meaning total and apart from a few spikes- are well within their five year average.

      Are you boyos still trying to spin that BS? Really?

    2. jonjoker

      That article seems to be only an opinion piece, and it’s all over the place. It jumps about more than a herd of kangaroos.

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