They Like Big Bots, They Can Not Lie


This morning/afternoon.

They’re in so much trouble.




Twitter bot?


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15 thoughts on “They Like Big Bots, They Can Not Lie

    1. Mr .T

      As did most tech stocks, Nigel forgets to mention.
      Entire market is down huge numbers over the last fortnight as rate hikes edge closer and closer

      1. johnny

        bigly huh-data and fact free criticism,typical nonsense,
        last fortnight-haha
        rate hikes-wake up
        HUGE numbers in comparison to ?
        you must be a very successful investor..
        he may have ya know mentioned Telsa stock in reaction to the post, which I don’t think is about the broader market or tech sector-duh.

      2. Nigel

        ‘Most tech stocks’ aren’t relevant to the guy buying twitter. Crypto crashed bad, too.

    1. johnny

      ..its hilarious watching the dupes fall for it,bunch soft touches,he’s a modern day P.T Barnum.
      in his immortal words…. “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

  1. Ian - oG

    Well, like Father Fintan Stack he’s had his fun and that’s all that matters.

  2. Kin

    I just wonder is Twitter creating fake accounts to increase its value
    I just do not get it
    If musk walks away he looses one billion dollars
    Maybe their is some big smelly rat in Twitter
    Either way billions will be made on Wall Street over this and of course lost

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