Taking Its Toll


This afternoon.

Graham Neary writes:

‘We can now calculate Ireland’s death rates for every age group and for every year up to and including 2021, with the help of freshly released CSO figures and the CSO’s population estimates. I’ve done this. Some interesting results:

‘Firstly, Covid-19 coincided with Ireland’s 85+ population achieving their lowest ever death rates in each of the past two years.

‘An amazing result in the circumstances.

‘The results are only slightly less positive for the grey-haired 65-84 cohort.Three out of the four categories here had a small increase in 2021 over the prior year.

‘But 2021 was still safer for every category in this cohort compared to 2018:

‘As for 45-64 year olds, every category here saw a new all-time low death rate in 2020. However, every category in this bracket also saw an increase in 2021 compared to 2020.

‘But again, each category was still safer in 2021 than it was in 2018.

‘Broadly similar for 25-44 year olds.

‘And as for for 5-24 year olds…

…the world remained extremely safe.’


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Not Adding Up



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65 thoughts on “Taking Its Toll

  1. ce

    Take two tables and call me in the morning…

    Disclaimer – “Broadsheet is a satirical news and popculture website from Ireland”

    1. K.Cavan

      It’s ok, ce, really. You’re naive and trusting, not very smart & a bit of a wimp, perhaps slow on the uptake too but so what? Lots of other people are just as dumb as you so, you’re not alone in lacking the ability to see through a con, you’re probably a nice, middle-class lad who led a relatively quiet, sheltered life & you certainly never before encountered the level of propaganda & pure deceit that led you down this particular garden path.
      I sincerely hope that the toxic muck you allowed them to pump into you doesn’t have too many negative impacts on your health but, I’m afraid, at best, you will die earlier than you should’ve, if you hadn’t been so tragically stupid.
      I can see you’ve chosen humour as your coping mechanism, good choice! Always look on the bright side of life, a much younger version of you coped with finding out that Santa* wasn’t real, so you should be able to recover, everything but your dignity, of course. That’s gone, you’re a laughing stock.
      * I hope I haven’t dropped a bombshell, here?

      1. ce

        “I sincerely hope that the toxic muck you allowed them to pump into you doesn’t have too many negative impacts on your health” … no you don’t, you want chaos to engulf the world just so you can scream I told you so and get a momentary rush from it…


        “I can see you’ve chosen humour as your coping mechanism, good choice!”… from Broadsheet – “Broadsheet is a satirical news and popculture website from Ireland”… sort of the point of here… or at least it used to be…

  2. anolderman

    0.1% excess mortality. I thinks that’s the global figure and we went nuts for that. Anyone for tulips or eircom shares. I have some .COM shares very popular fado fado.

    1. Rominick

      Yeah, but never let facts stand in the way of a hysterical over reaction by governments.

      1. Kali

        Let’s be fair, it was the nitwits with no idea how to interpret data or know the difference between died from and died with covid screaming LOCKDOWN NOW!!! that were the primary reason for the lockdowns. The government are just spineless goons who were afraid of the negative publicity they’d get if they didn’t bow down to the covidiots.

        1. K.Cavan

          I don’t think the ”Incompetence” excuse can hold much water at this stage, Kali. Incompetents don’t come up with Brand New strategies, like lockdowns, which had negative impacts for billions but positive ones for Billionaires. mRNA treatments were a busted flush in the early 80s & vaccines against Coronaviruses would’ve been commonplace, decades ago, if they were viable, inoculation has been around for hundreds of years, after all.
          Bill Gates & many others among our Oligarch Class are Eugenicists & also convinced that we are on the brink of global disaster due to overpopulation, you can join the rest of the dots, yourself but think on this, if you knock a decade off the lives of 1,000 people, it has the same effect, in years lived, as killing 154 twenty-year-olds but it’s a lot easier to get away with.

    1. anolderman

      I wonder was it a fading empire tax. Like if we go down you all go down so pay up. Looking at the caliber of leadership across the anglosphere I wonder are they all BUST? I suspect they are and the party is over. The new GREEN wheeze is not like the PC gig of Clintons era. Tis good to be out of the race these days.

      1. JB

        The genius decision to put a few words in capitals doesn’t make what you say any more impressive or coherent. It’s tiresome gibberish either way.

        1. anolderman

          Tired then take some rest. Pretty poor effort at a sneer. FYI I inter alia have had the pleasure to sit at government here as a civil servant. Seen a lot. Gone a good few years now. Others I meet tell me its all gone to hell these days. As I sit back these days I think of all the things that turned out to be true. All the people who stood up but were shouted down by the dogs & their minions that had skin in the game. The FAI members screaming & then we find out how bad things are. The church, banks, police, army, legal etc. All system failures. Why not medicine. I’m sticking to my guns I think they are all bust. I think the pension time bomb is real and this is one way to refloat it. I don’t expect you to understand. Ill just skip around the mess careful you don’t succumb to it. TaTa !

          1. JB

            You really don’t write like a civil servant of any kind of insight or seniority whatsoever.

            If you were then chances are you’d have served under Lynch, Haughey, Ahern, Reynolds and/or Cowen.

            The idea that today’s country is run worse than in the days of those part-time amateurs and inept white-collar criminals is a complete non-starter.

          2. Mad

            What JB said/ if you did serve at the higher levels fair play but it does appear you have lost a few marbles since

          3. Me So Harney

            “You really don’t write like a civil servant..”

            What would you know you spoofer..

          4. K.Cavan

            I reckon you’ve scored ton 80, there, anolderman & the fact that there’s another wee dog trying to insult you, as a way of shutting you up, is just confirmation. Imagine believing everything is run better, these days, who knows whats going ’round inside a mind so full of childish delusions.
            The damage we’re doing to the environment is a worry but CO2 isn’t even in the top ten of problems in that area, there is no money for pensions, there was a quiet financial crash in 2018/2019, to go with the public one in ’07 & the amount of debt currently floating around is equal, more or less, to the value of everything ever produced by humanity, throughout it’s entire history, meaning the Financial System, a giant bookies shop at best, is beyond rescue. The wealthiest individuals can see what’s coming & most of what we’re experiencing now is simply the result of their attempt to guarantee the continuation of their luxury existence, at our expense. We keep being told that we can no longer afford various things but the one thing we really can’t afford is Oligarch billionaires, wasting so much of our resources on such a small number of people cannot be justified, any longer. Not to mention the fact that if we don’t get them, they’re gonna get us.
            TBH, this is just scratching the surface of our problems, here in The West, but most of these are self-inflicted & the other 7/8ths of the world’s population are forging ahead without us. Very few people seem to have noticed that when the US demanded sanctions against Russia, the rest of the world demurred, in hindsight, I believe that will be seen as a turning point. The US, which controls the EU, is an Empire in terminal decline, it’s days are numbered &, as our ”leaders” bind us ever tighter to The Empire Of Lies, it seems we’re going down with them.

          5. anolderman

            #JB You must live in a different world to me. I am retired and so I left the world of controlled formulae answers, the dark arts of offering everything but actual help. Back in the day the nuns kept the wards clean. Wait till your turn comes best fly out for care if you can. Most I know wont take this road or spend idle time here, it can be a nasty place at times. I think its a 50/50 between good & bad people and it moves back and forth all the time. I do enjoy Bodgers vignettes, he’s quit witty & clever. Some of the other contributors are of equal if not better and some have nothing of value at all but jealous bile. Not one for sitting in the corner sucking lemons I cant wait for the next news nugget to wonder about.

        2. K.Cavan

          But have you anything to say JB? Feel free, express yourself, JUST stop being such AN ASSHAT.

          1. JB

            Asshat, is it? How eloquent.

            Just look at the state of the comments in this thread. We’ve someone who claims to “have had the pleasure to sit at government” but if the closest they ever got to the cabinet room was via that endlessly replayed file footage on the Six-One News.

            The rest of the thread is just a meaningless word-salad of sub-Joe Duffy, sub-Gemma O’Doherty, sub-Antonio Mureddu 4Chan tropes and cliches that would make the authors’ favourite primary schoolteacher die of shame.

            What is an asshat, anyway?

      2. Kali

        It’s plausible in this country as the 100 year rule of the one party FFFG system is about to come to an end. They’re pulling an Ashraf Ghani before they’re given the boot

      3. Duncan Wheeler

        Watch out for all the horrible behaviour from the States & EU as they writhe in their death throes. The decline of empires has, historically, been due to funking with the money, the same for the romans clipping the denaris, confidence lost in the main currency then it’s panic and then kaput. Clipping gold coins is the ancient equivalent of printing masses of money without assets to back it. “We’ll all go together when we go” Tom Leher

        1. Chris

          Hence the rush to install authorianism. FIAT is a ponzi scheme that’s going to crumble. The current elites want to crush any resistance to the inevitable.
          Whatever the outcome – things are going to get very messy.

    2. Mad

      What do you contribute in taxes every year Micko? Let me guess – a self employed contractor who pays fupp all then whines when he can’t have healthcare?

      1. Micko

        Jeepers. You’re a very wound up chappy with lots of questions.

        Well if you must know, as a Ltd company owner, I pay myself a wage. Which I pay tax and psri on just like yourself. So yes I pay plenty.

        Also, I wouldn’t leave my families fate to the Public Health Service – so Private healthcare for us.

        So actually I pay for yours AND I pay extra for mine.

        1. Mad

          Lol you mean as a limited company owner you have every angle covered to avoid paying much tax? Gotcha

          1. Micko



            No, I’m technically an employee of the company.

            I get paid the same way you do – through payroll.

            If I was to access company funds for any purpose other than company business, that would be illegal and I’d end up in trouble.

            Look, I’m sure there’s a business course or something you can do… you sound like you could do with it.

          2. Mad

            No – not true Micko
            As a company director you can offset income by paying yourself a nice little small salary and availing of every taxable deduction going. – and fair play. That’s legitimate. However please don’t feel you’ve earned the right to whine about how nothing works – you haven’t.

          3. K.Cavan

            You’re sounding pretty mad, now, Mad. Every limited company owner operates under the same rules. Like them or not, they’re hardly Micko’s responsibility, are they?
            Look, Micko just kicked your ass, take your beating like a Mad, you’re just making a fool of yourself.

          4. Micko

            Oh no please explain it to me Mr Mad, I’m interested to know.

            I’ll get a pen and paper.

            So, hit me…

            Step 1. Pay myself a ”nice” small salary.

            Step 2. Become homeless when I can’t pay my bills on the “nice” small salary.

            Step 3. Starve…

            Jeez, yer a regular Steve Jobs ;p

          5. Mad

            But if your wife also works what you should be doing is availing in full of your joint allowance and paying yourself the bare minimum. While availing of the maximum allowable deductions and topping up your pension … of course I’d say it’s more likely you’d be the type that sends the kids to private schools etc seeing as your other posts reek so much of self entitlement and inverted snobbery

          6. Micko


            Make up your mind!

            “Yer a leech not paying enough tax into the system Micko”

            (10 mins later)

            “Sound like you need a better accountant to help you fiddle the system Micko”

            What a feckin clown…

          7. Mad

            Who said anything about fiddling? What I said is you can’t have it both ways pal! But sure what’s the point – you’re as thick as a ditch ..

  3. The Nigel Account

    Anti-vaxxers insist that excess mortality MUST be the final word, and work hard to smooth over the degree to which they are estimates, ignore breakdowns of deaths by cause and, of course, handwave away any distorting effects of lockdowns and mask-mandates. At the same tme they claim, and have been claiming since the roll out began, that thousands and thousands are dying all the time due to vaccines. It’s a very specific form of lying by statistics and revelling in self-contradiction.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Yet you don’t provide any back up statistics to prove your point. Typical Nigel.

    2. Mad

      I’m a big fan of the rebrand to the Nigel account to be honest. Is it too much to hope for that we have finally seen off yer man?

    3. K.Cavan

      Excess Mortality IS the final word on the existence or otherwise of a Pandemic, Nigel, everyone knows it is, including you & that’s why your response is such a pool of drivel. You cannot have a Pandemic without Excess Mortality. The HSE claimed almost 2,500 people died from Covid in 2020, that would be around 8% Excess Mortality, now you have the nerve to claim that some unknown factor saved 2,500 people from statistically certain death, to cancel that out? Get out of it, you chancer, you haven’t earned the right to utter such an outlandish claim on the basis of your opinion, without having something to back it up but you don’t, do you? You have nothing but your well-polished brass neck.

      Excess Mortality is a headline figure, an increase in the Total Number Of People Who Died! The cause of death is completely irrelevant as is the place or time of death, the age of the deceased or what they were wearing at the time but you know that too, it’s simply more irrelevant distraction.

      Of course everyone will handwave away your unspecified ”distorting effects of Masks & Lockdowns”, because that’s what one does to such malodourous verbal flatulence. Apart from contempt, what else does such empty rhetoric deserve? A buff of your brass neck?
      If you are a government shill, Nigel, you should be ashamed of yourself, taking taxpayer’s money to propagandize them with dangerous misinformation & fake news, you are part of the problem. If you’re actually posting this gaslighting garbage on your own behalf, you are an appallingly deceitful, nasty little system pig, who’s just had his ass handed to him, again, by facts & the truth. Suck it up.
      2022 Total premature deaths from Covid-19 = 3
      2022 Total all ages deaths from Covid-19 = 61
      Lots of people now feel that something just happened, something so enormous that, like a death in the family, they aren’t quite ready to admit it to themselves, yet. They will, though.
      Then, Fight!

  4. ProfessorMark

    Poor Graham. Had such promise then made a few early, fatal errors and drove down the wrong street, into the wrong town.

    1. Cui Bono?

      He’s just sharing the data. The official death toll numbers. It’s got nothing to do with him.

      1. Me So Harney

        Shoot the messenger.. First sign of a bluster merchant.. “Professor” Mark can’t disprove one little bit of what Graham has written so resorts to ad honeim character attack..

      2. K.Cavan

        It’s an Ad Hominem attack, Cui Bono, the fake professor has had his irrational beliefs questioned, indeed demolished & lacking the intelligence to respond in kind, he opts for the childish tactic of attacking the messenger as if that has anything to do with it. Such a farcical & pathetic post would be an embarrassment to an 11-year-old but this idiot actually posted it.
        ProfessorMark, get out.

      1. ce

        They die, then they come back as zombies and the CSO registers them as alive again, then they give people VAIDS… vicious circle… hell of a job for the CSO trying to keep the spreadsheets up to date…

  5. Mad

    I do feel sorry for Liz Windsor
    Why can’t they fupping leave her alone? Even Prince Louis can see the whole thing is on its last legs

    1. K.Cavan

      Yes, they did. Once you’re not crazy enough to think the politicians, just this once, told you the truth. You’re not that crazy, are you?

    1. ce

      Nice payday for his solicitor, money for nothing as dire straits might say…

      … filling the already struggling courts with nonsense, not quite Derp and Herd but still…

        1. K.Cavan

          Quoting Dire Straits, too. Music for Civil Servants to play loudly in their cars, thinking they’re ”rocking out”. They have some Phil Collins, if you don’t like Dire Straits? Sting? No. just the solo stuff. U2?. Bleauch!

  6. LeftBank

    Of course it makes sense to completely ignore the fact that the CSO’s own statistical analysis showed an estimated 3,500 excess deaths between January 2020 and December 2021. Instead, let’s get our statistical insights from a guy on Twitter with no background in epidemiology or population statistics.

    1. Kdoc

      The problem is many people listen to the anti vaxxers. They are, by and large, the same people who discourage young women from taking the HPV vaccine even though the HPV infection causes 90% of cervical cancers with the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives every year.

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