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Moore Street, Dublin 1, in 1972

“I took these photos in 1972 in the street market in Moore St in Dublin.

“Urban renewal was gathering pace and the ILAC Centre was being planned and people wondered about the future for these street traders.

“Well, after 47 years the end is nigh, so here is my salute to these tough resilient women – my mother shopped in Moore Street when I was growing up.”

Michael Foley on Facebook.

Spaghetti Hoop asks:

Is that Éilish a Dó there with the plastic headscarf (pic 3)?


Meanwhile, Spaghetti Hoop adds:

‘1972 is before my time but in the 1980s, my mum parked quite handily (and free) on Moore Lane on a Saturday and we gathered veg and fruit from the Moore Street gals on the way back to the car after a day of shopping and a jorum + Cidona in Madigan’s.

Never bought the meat; bluebottles crawling all over it in the Moore Street butchers.

‘Course at Hallow’een time, my pockets were full of bangers, crackers and stink bombs: WMD for the 31st. Fruitful times…’

Michael Foley (Facebook)

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