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Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor; sections of a report by the Union of Students in Ireland

This morning.

The Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor attended the launch of the Union of Students in Ireland’s Student Mental Health report.

The report, which involved the input of 3,340 students, has found that:

Some 38.4% of students suffer extreme severe anxiety, 29.9% depression and 17.2% stress.

It also found:

A total of 41.8% of those who participated in the study were receiving social welfare support of some kind. Many were dependent on financial assistance from parents (63%), partner (3.8%), as well as bank (4.7%) and Credit Union loans (6.0%).

A total of 77.8% of students were dependant on financial assistance from at least one of the named sources above.

…There were some differences in students mental health depending on their living arrangements.

Those who had a home they owned were much more likely to be within normal ranges and less likely to be extremely severe on all three scales.

As expected those without stable accommodation were most vulnerable when it came to anxiety (50.0%) and depression (77.8%) while those falling into the other category were more likely to be extremely severely stressed (35.7%) this included those living in a variety of settings including with friends, family owned accommodation and a mobile home.


The report can be read in full here


Claire Walsh writes:

I wrote a blog on my struggle with anxiety and thought it might be good to share…

I went for a nap at 4 in the day. That’s the norm after a night on the trot in Ibiza followed by too much sun the following day. Usually I’d nod off almost immediately but that afternoon I couldn’t. I was tossing and turning and I could hear my friend dozing in the bed beside me. I was so frustrated, I started to feel dizzy, the room was spinning. Panic set in. Nothing felt right. Turns out I had a bad case of sunstroke, I went to the doctor the following day just so he would confirm that it was sunstroke and not cancer, yes cancer or a brain tumour, that was my overactive mind rearing it’s ugly head. He gave me some nurofen and within a day or two I was feeling better. Unfortunately, those few days were filled with the most unbearable anxiety you can imagine. I was making myself think it wasn’t sunstroke and that I was actually really ill, I couldn’t focus on anything other than the constant tightness I that took over my chest.

I came home from that holiday and got back to work. From the day I returned for the 6 months that followed, my whole life was turned upside down. My whole soul, heart, all I knew about myself was indisputably tangled up in a web of this unfamiliar and unwelcome feeling of despair. It was a task to leave my house, to go shopping for a new dress with friends, to go for a meal, even planning a trip would bring with it sheer panic and total fear. My life came to a standstill and I spent more time trying to control my heart rate in secret than actually living and enjoying the wonderful things around me.

I visited the doctor and my desperation was evident from the tears that streamed down my tired face that morning. I started anti depressants and was told to give them 6-8 weeks before they’d even start making a difference. The days passed and I didn’t really feel like much was changing. I still couldn’t do any simple daily task without completely breaking down inside. Keeping it all a secret was the worst, sitting at my desk in work pretending I was fine was hell, forcing that smile and trying to be bubbly when really I was struggling to breathe. There was times when I was convinced I was choking on my own tongue, it was terrifying.

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butts butts2

Animator Tyler Hurd sez:

BUTTS is a profound 3D animated cartoon about anxiety, depression, and lending a hand to those in need. Perhaps the most important film of the decade, ‘BUTTS’ is a reminder that no matter how strange something may seem, people can still make a difference in their own unique and beautiful way.” I worked on this on and off in my spare time over the past 18 months. I handled everything visual, and I had help with sound. It’s my most profound and stupid work to date.

You may or may not be reminded of this little beauty.