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-1 “Racism; typos; filth; spam; ignorance; rage – that’s all the bottom half of the internet is good for, right?”

WRONG, asshole.

Ciaran Le Cool writes:

Rob Manuel (founder of B3ta) will be speaking TOMORROW night at le cool & Pilcrow’s first Spiel talk in South Studios – 27/28 New Row South, Dublin. Rob wants us to question those who say “Don’t read the comments section of the web.” The ‘war on comments’, he says, might just be an echo of a fourth estate that’s having trouble adjusting to the idea of an unwashed public disagreeing with their sacred opinions. Also, Ed Melvin (Publicis) will make a presentation on ‘The Unreal Engine’. Is Bitcoin bullshit? Are virtual currencies and economies important? Melvin says; Yes!

7.30pm. €5 entry. BYOB.


Rob Manuel

From B3ta’s latest Photoshop Challenge: Sex Change Movies.

…to re-make films so they appeal to the opposite gender to the original – Star Wars for women, Dirty Dancing for men. And so on.

Challenge accepted by B3tards (from top, left to right): Freshwatermole, The Great Architect, Prodigy69, Afinkawan, Extinct Jesus Dossier and Op Op Op Op Op.

See the full collection here.