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-2Free TODAY?

Ciaran le Cool writes:

Le Cool & Pilcrow have hi-jacked four of the  [Dublin Web] Summit’s most exciting speakers for pop up talks in the city centre. In the Library Project in Temple Bar Jimmy Maymann, CEO of The Huffington Post, and Baratunde Thurston, former Director of Digital of The Onion, will be talking global media companies while in The Stag’s Head, Dame Court, Dublin.  Cindy Gallop of MakeLoveNotPorn and Harper Reed, Obama’s chief tech officer, will teach us about crowd-sourcing and cloud-computing and the importance of women in tech. All proceeds towards Movember.


Details here

-1 “Racism; typos; filth; spam; ignorance; rage – that’s all the bottom half of the internet is good for, right?”

WRONG, asshole.

Ciaran Le Cool writes:

Rob Manuel (founder of B3ta) will be speaking TOMORROW night at le cool & Pilcrow’s first Spiel talk in South Studios – 27/28 New Row South, Dublin. Rob wants us to question those who say “Don’t read the comments section of the web.” The ‘war on comments’, he says, might just be an echo of a fourth estate that’s having trouble adjusting to the idea of an unwashed public disagreeing with their sacred opinions. Also, Ed Melvin (Publicis) will make a presentation on ‘The Unreal Engine’. Is Bitcoin bullshit? Are virtual currencies and economies important? Melvin says; Yes!

7.30pm. €5 entry. BYOB.


Rob Manuel

le cool experience photo two

The le Cool Dublin walking experience.

Incorporating elements of the city which have become staples of Le cool content such as pop-ups, new collectives and initiatives, we want to share these ‘of the moment’ living culture experiences. This continually evolving two-hour tour will reflect the now and engage with people behind initiatives which are reshaping Dublin city in vibrant and meaningful ways.


Does that stroke your beard?

We have two, yes TWO places on Michael le Cool’s Le Cool Dublin Experience’ (above, pictured outside The Hacienda, on Little Green Street) THIS Saturday starting in Dublin at 11am.

Perfect for the damn hipster friend just in from Berlin or even to impress a new vintage-cloth draped chum.

To enter, just complete this sentence

I would like to nominate………..as the most damn hipster place in Dublin owing to its……

Lines close at 6pm

The Le Cool Experience

The Tide is High But I’m Holding On.

By ADW who sez:

The original intention was to create a positive, hopeful piece of artwork depicting our capital city’s skyline set against a tiger-striped sunrise. The Tide Is High But I’m Holding On took over 120 hours to cut the six-layered stencil and is easily the most ambitious canvas I have painted to date.


The cover is part of a street art group show which opens in the Culture Box this evening (click here).

Le Cool Dublin

By be-hatted graffiti- to-graphic design man James Earley who sez:

The day is usually one monster piss-up with people in a heap puking and falling all over the shop. Instead of focusing solely on this fact, I wanted to celebrate other Irish clichés such as pots of gold at the end of rainbows and our terrible weather.

Le Cool Dublin

By David Booth (a bit of a hottie) who sez:

This is the sceptical eye of my painting entitled ‘perfect imperfection’. It is the largest painting I’ve made for some time and follows me from studio to studio. It stands as a reference and a reminder to me of a certain pallet whose progression founded the roots/origin of an on-going investigation into portraiture.

Le Cool Dublin