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The Q47 writes:

Cynical advertising at its best. This ad appeared in my Facebook chat today, so I looked to see why I would be shown it. The reason provided was quite something!



Andy Sheridan writes:

Planning Permission is generally required for advertising & is usually subject to approval by the County Council.

Is that the same for advertising on the Luas?

I didn’t sign up for this commercial visual assault on publicly owned infrastructure



Unless you are ‘with child’.

Frances Byrne tweetz:

Ah now Are you trolling us with this feet on seat image?


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 16.53.05

Luas etiquette


Broadsheet commenter ‘Trouble’ writes:

Pretty sure that feet on seats is at home because you’re back early…


unnamedScreen Shot 2015-08-23 at 21.09.24

Lois McGrath writes:

Outside the Karma Stone [bar] in Wexford Street Dublin 2. Is superman allowed do this? Someone needs to think of the children…the other two are Batman and The Hulk.