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Swiss Leaks: US may scrap prosecution deal with HSBC (Colm Keena, Irish Times)

Tax office says it was prevented from sharing HSBC tax data (BBC News)

Hypotopia_dezeen_784_7Hypotopia_dezeen_784_1 Hypotopia_dezeen_784_2Hypotopia_dezeen_784_8 Hypotopia_dezeen_784_12
Hypotopia – a model city installed  in the centre of Vienna by team of students from the Technical University designed to show how much housing and infrastructure could be built with the €19 billion the government is currently paying to bail out the Hypo Alpe Adria bank.

Having done the requisite calculations, they imagined it as a home for 102,574 residents- Austria’s sixth largest city , complete with shops, power plants, and garbage disposal facilities.

But no banks.


(H/T: David Smith)

The charming and ebulliently coiffed University of Nottingham Professor Martyn Poliakoff from The Periodic Table Of Videos takes us on a visit to the Bank Of England bullion vault.

Lamenting the fact – true chemist that he is – that all this gold could be doing something much more interesting than just lying around: like taking part in interesting chemical reactions.

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In May – about a week before the country fessed up to that €23 billion hole in its accounts – Spain’s Banco Sabadell celebrated its 130th anniversary with a surprise performance of Beethoven’s Ode To Joy, featuring an orchestral flashmob of the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the choirs of Lieder and Friends of l’Opera and the Choral Belles Arts, conducted by Josef Vila Casañas.

Stirring stuff.

One can only hope the current EU deal plays out as well.