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Incredibly detailed architectures by artist Benjamin Sack – surreal geometries and labyrinths rendered in pencil and pen, many inspired by cosmological symbols and what the artist describes as his own ‘fear of blank spaces’.

Sack’s work ‘Labyrinths’ exhibits at the Direktorenhaus Museum in Berlin until next January, if you’re passing.


Different buildings an regions of New York city shot at different points in time, then layer and synchedideo artist Julian Tryba. To wit:

Traditional time-lapses are constrained by the idea that there is a single universal clock. In the spirit of Einstein’s relativity theory, layer-lapses assign distinct clocks to any number of objects or regions in a scene. Each of these clocks may start at any point in time, and tick at any rate. The result is a visual time dilation effect known as layer-lapse. 1 Film, 22 Trips to New York, 352 Hours of filming, $1,430 paid in Parking Fees, 9988 Miles Driven, and 232,000 Pictures Taken.

Best viewed in full screen.