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The adorably strange obsession of a young teenager preserved in the pages of a scrapbook from the early 1940s recently discovered in the Collingwood Archive of the Cardiff University Special Collections.

To wit: the scrapbook of Janet Gnosspelius (1926-2010), containing every whisker shed by her cats between 1940 and 1942, complete with the time and location of discovery.

Janet would go on to create other cat-related chronicles later in life, as you’d expect.


National Gallery of Ireland tweetz:

This auction catalogue for the sale of art for the ‘benefit of prisoners of war of Irish regiments and Belgian refugees’ is held in our Irish Art Archives. The auction was held by Bennett & Son auctioneers, 6 Upper Ormond Quay, in 1915.

Further to this…

Alison Begas tweetz:

My Grandmother arrived in Ireland in Oct 1914, one of about 2,500 Belgian refugees to come here. Her home city, #Mechelen, had been largely destroyed by the Germans. She was welcomed compassionately here, and this [above] is resonating with me.