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A street legal conversion kit for the 800bhp, V12 track only Aston Martin Vulcan created by RML Group.

Only 24 Vulcans were ever made. Each costs around €2,500,000 so naturally, you’ll want to buy one with (among other things) a reconfigured engine, gear ratio and suspension, windscreen wipers and licence plate holder in order to nip down the shops.

That said, RML will reconvert the road going car (left, above) to racing spec (right, above) should the owner require it.


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Bruce Campbell (no, not that Bruce Campbell) is a retired engineer who has transformed a decommissioned Boeing 727 fuselage into a home in the 10-acre woods he owns outside Portland Oregon. He paid $220,000 for the plane – about ten times the cost of the land on which it rests, propped up on concrete plinths.

Bruce, who lives in Japan for half the year, is currently seeking a 747 body for a similar conversion project there.



Instructables member Yoshinok demonstates how to view cells and salt crystals close up for less than ten bucks. Sez he:

The setup shown here is a viable substitute for underfunded classrooms that would otherwise be unable to perform experiments requiring a microscope.

Full instructable here.