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In fairness.


Earlier this week I was in a modest country hotel and, fancying a beer, I ordered a bottle of non-alcoholic beer, as I was driving later. The cost for 33cl was €4.58. This is roughly equivalent to €7.90 per pint.

I asked what was the price of the alcoholic draught beer of the same brand and was told it was €4.80 per pint! Is this another example of cheap alcohol or just another rip-off?

Eamonn Lawless,
Dublin 18.

Paying for the alcohol-free option (Irish Times letters page)


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Health Minister Simon Harris

Minister for Health Simon Harris is patting himself on the back and feeling good because of the deal the HSE has done with the pharmaceutical companies. But what about the feelings of the ordinary Irish taxpayers, who fund the HSE but who also have to pay for their own medicines?

I was being charged over €20 for my monthly generic medicine at the local chemist. When I recently discovered that the “HSE price” was between €5 and €6, and queried this with the chemist, I was informed that the €20-plus price I paid was correct. Apparently this was made up of the HSE price (presumably this includes an element of profit for the chemist), plus a “prescription charge” (aka profit), plus a mark-up (profit again).

But it’s not all bad news. Luckily, I have a travel pass and now buy my medicine in Newry. For £5.

Michael Marr,
Dublin 13.

Price of generic medicins (Irish Times letters page)