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Blackwater Barry’s Tea Irish Gin is returning.

Donna Parsons writes:

Last year’s run sold-out in most retailers within a few weeks and this second limited run  (10,000 bottles) is likely to sell out just as quickly.

The innovative gin combines Barry’s Tea Classic Blend with Sicilian lemons, sweet Spanish oranges, juniper berries and cinnamon.

Barry’s Tea is one of Ireland’s best loved brands, a must have in most households. A cup of tea is a daily ritual for most of us and is a welcome addition to any occasion. It’s something that we send to loved ones abroad and pack in our suitcases going on holidays.

Combining tea with gin, was an innovative and exciting move. Gin has fast become one of Ireland’s favourite spirits with a huge increase of craft distillers making some interesting blends with anything from seaweed to coriander.

We have ONE (yes one!) bottle of Blackwater Barry’s Tea Irish Gin to give away to a deserving, gin and tea loving Broadsheet reader.

To enter, please complete this sentence:

I deserve the bottle of Blackwater Barry’s Tea Irish Gin especially at this time owing to________________________________________________’

Lines MUST close at 1.30pm 6.30pm!

Blackwater Barry’s Tea Irish Gin

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Jason Weisberger of Boing Boing compares Barry’s and PG Tips.

Who ya got?

PG Tips tastes weakly of old cardboard and has a distinctly metallic tang. I imagine jolly old English folk shredding a Vans shoebox, and adding the tiny metal flakes generated when stripping the screws of a children’s toy battery box cover.

Storm’s a-brewin’.

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