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You’ll recall the world’s first Cupcake ATM from last week.

Well here’s Lucy Blodgett of the Huffington Post getting an ‘Irish Chocolate’ to go.

LA-based bakery Sprinkles is already planning to open three more in New York later this year: midtown, downtown and Upper WesNOMNOMNOMNOM


New York’s Baked By Melissa offers bewildering multiple choice when it comes to cupcakes.

As well as over 1000 of their own designs, the site features a Cupcake Customiser which allows you to fill, colour, top, garnish and visualise the sponge based confection of your dreams, before submitting it for consideration.

There’s a catch. Minimum order is 300 cupcakes

We made one. We call it the Iced Marshmallow Fluff, or IMF. Tempting, but hard to swallow.