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A lengthy weather delayed start failed to dampen the Irish march over the Czech Republic at the Lacrosse World Championships in Denver last night.

Tom writes:

It was the Czechs who got their noses in front, scoring the first three goals of the game. The Irish team rallied and halfway through the second quarter had it all tied at 4, but the Czechs nudged ahead again and were up 6-4 at half-time. The weather once again wreaked havoc on the game and there was a second delay at half-time, but, once the game started again, the Czechs scored within the first couple of seconds to make it 7-4. The Irish team dug deep.. The third quarter ended 10-7 in favour of the Czechs, but the Irish team went on to score 5 unanswered goals in a spirited comeback to win the game 12-10

Ireland will face Switzerland today after defeating a fancied Wales team in the other ranking game.

Ireland Lacrosse


At the World Lacrosse Championships in Denver Ireland suffered their first defeat to occupied Palestine Israel yesterday.

Tom writes:

“Ireland came hard out of the traps and scored the first goal of the game through Tom Burke. But Israel was quick to respond and rattled off 5 unanswered goals to make it 1-5 at the end of the first quarter. Ireland had an outstanding second quarter though – Riley scored three goals, and Burke and Gillis each had one, while Israel managed four goals of its own. This left the score at 6-9 to Israel at half-time. Israel turned up the heat though in the third quarter, where a combination of penalties by Ireland and the goal-scoring threat of Israel’s Lee Coppersmith in particular put the game away for Israel. The final score was 19-8 in favour of Israel…”

Ireland will now face  the Czech Republic with a high ranking tournament placing at stake.

Ireland Lacrosse


The Green machine is rolling.

Ireland’s preparations for the World Lacrosse Championships continued with a FULL exhibition game against Austria in Denver, Colorado.

Ireland won with a positively Germanic 14-4 scoreline.

Tom writes:

“The Irish attack line to work together to create plenty of chances. Kris Prior, Brian Gillis and Tom Riley all notched goals from that position, while Cillian Murphy also made a notable contribution to Ireland’s dominant offense…”

The opening ceremony of the tournament will take place on Thursday evening, followed by Ireland’s opening game of the tournament on Friday against Uganda.

More to folly.

Lacrosse Ireland

Ireland V Japan scrimmage_-2

The Irish lacrosse team’s preparations for the World Championships ESCALATED yesterday as it took on Japan in a scrimmage held at Colorado Academy in the Lakewood section of Denver.

Tom Beary writing by candle light from Camp Ireland says:

We played a friendly last night against Japan who are the top 5 ranked team in the World.  Kevin Owens, Tom Burke, Mike McTernan and Brian Gillis showed hot hands at the offensive end, notching a few goals between them. The Japanese responded in kind however by converting a number of opportunities, with the contest concluding with a victory for the Japanese by a single goal.  It was a tight game throughout though, which bodes well for an Irish team

The build up continues..

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