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A ‘rare and beautiful dance’ featuring a curious oceanic whitetip shark and freediver Julie Andersen of Shark Angels. Filmmaker Paul Wildman sez:

…even Jacques Cousteau described the oceanic whitetip shark as “the most dangerous of all sharks”. Clearly they are not. And more than misunderstood, these sharks are critically endangered in many places on the globe.


Scuba diver Michael Maes recently had a less than pleasant run-in with a rogue dolphin off the Cayman Islands.

The dolphin known by local divers as ‘Stinky’ has had many encounters with humans since he was rejected by his pod for ‘bad behaviour’. Now fully mature and devoid of dolphin company, Stinky has turned sexual predator. Maes sez:

If the dolphin decides to use you as a (sex) toy, you don’t stand a chance. These are animals with 500 pound of pure muscle! They could shoot you to the surface, gently or at fast speed, putting a SCUBA diver in peril due to lung overpressure. They could grab you and take you down.

In my case “Stinky” tried to keep me down on the ground which was, fortunately, only some 30 feet deep, next to a mini-wall of 85 feet depth. So as I hardly had bottom-time and had plenty of Nitrox, my life wasn’t in danger from a DCI or Nitrox intoxication point of view.

(sNSFW: dolphin attempting (unsuccessfully) to rape diver)