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Hundreds queuing.

Waiting lists.

People wandering aimlessly.

Rose Doyle, in today’s Irish Times, reports:

Hamilton Park [in Castleknock] is funded by Nama. About half of the 44 houses in this first phase of three- and four-bedroom houses will be ready to move into before Christmas, the rest by spring 2016. Hamilton Park should be completed by 2018… The three-beds with 111sq m (1,200sq ft) and 112sq m (1,215sq ft) cost €395,000, the four-beds with 144sq m (1,550sq ft) and 150sq ft (1,615sq ft) are €490,000. A single, detached three-bedroom version is €425,000, and a detached four-bed, €550,000.

*jumps on ladder*

Pre-launch surge for homes in Castleknock (Irish Times)

NAMA and Social Housing

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Maria writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but my mates dog ‘Bobby’ is missing in Castleknock/Carpenterstown Dublin 15 since 1pm today and am particularly worried because of this storm. He’s a Japanese Spitz with a blue collar.

Update: 9:29pm

Maria writes:

Bobby is home! A lady found him and posted a pic on Facebook which made it’s way back to my friend.