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Dublin Lord Mayor Nial Ring who took office in June 2018

Laoise Neylon, in The Dublin Inquirer, reports:

The costs of having a sociable lord mayor of Dublin have been totted up.

The annual costs incurred by Dublin City Council for running the Mansion House and the Office of the Lord Mayor have increased by about €665,000 in recent years.

They grew from €1,166,000 in 2015/16 to €1,831,000 in 2018/19, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Having a Particularly Sociable Lord Mayor Was Expensive (Laoise Neylon, The Dublin Inquirer)

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The Artane Boys’ Band en route to America in 1962; the image was on an album in 1969

Last week, it was reported that Dublin City Councillor Mannix Flynn, a former resident of the St Joseph’s Industrial School in Artane, was putting a motion down calling for the Artane Band to be renamed.

The original Artane Boys’ Band was established by the Christian Brothers at St Joseph’s in 1872 and started to become involved with the GAA in 1886.

Mr Flynn was reported as saying:

“It’s an absolute insult to those of us who are still trying to recover. When you go to Croke Park and that band marches out, we are constantly reminded.”

Further to this, two days ago, Mr Flynn released a statement that he is changing his motion and, instead of asking for the band to be renamed, he’s calling for the Artane School of Music to be disbanded.

In his statement, he said his new motion is as follows:

That this monthly meeting of Dublin City Council, mindful of the shameful legacy of institutional abuse in industrial schools documented in the Commission of Inquiry into Child Abuse, call on the Artane School of Music to disband as a matter of human rights.

The School of Music is an establishment jointly run by the Christian Brothers and the GAA, yet encompasses the original and traditional insignia and uniforms that hark back to an age of chronic sexual and physical abuse at the hands of the religious.

The Artane Boys’ Band was used as a front to hide the gross inhumanity that took place at St Joseph’s School in Artane and other industrial schools run by the Christian Brothers at home and abroad.

The harrowing memories of these institutions for abuse victims are regularly flaunted without care or recognition at national sporting events in Croke Park in the form of the present Artane band.

A disbandment of the trust would sever all ties with the former industrial school and its brutal history and in doing so, would acknowledge the ongoing collective suffering of so many.

Further to this, the Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr has released the following statement this afternoon, ahead of this weekend’s All Ireland Football Final:

“Congratulations to The Artane Band on their 130 years of proud association with the GAA and Croke Park. I urge all Dublin fans attending the big match on Sunday to show their support and appreciation for the ‘other’ boys and girls in blue, as they entertain us all and march in front of the parade of both teams at Sunday’s final.”

“Please show your support by giving them a special cheer of appreciation for their unwavering and dedicated service and commitment to the GAA and the fans over the years.”

Statement: Disband the Artane Band (Mannix Flynn)

Call to rebrand Artane Band due to ‘trauma’ (Mark Hilliard, Irish Times)

Artane School of Music

Pic: Mannix Flynn


[2013 Lord Mayor of Dublin Naoise O’Muiri and a delegation, including former Dublin City Manager and current managing director of Irish Water John Tierney, speak with Sean O’Kane, marketing manager with ChipEstimate TV during a trip to Silicon Valley last year]

“This video has emerged of the former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Fine Gael’s Naoise O’Muiri, behaving rather strangely whilst visiting the marketing director of a Silicon Valley technology company during the annual Lord Mayor visit to San Jose in March 2013.”

“… ‘That trip cost €9,953 for the travel and accommodation of the Lord Mayor himself and two other councillors we see in the video, Fine Gael’s Ruairi McGinley and the Labour Party’s Lucy McRoberts. Did this money come out of the Lord Mayor’s €15,318.36 quarterly allowance or was this money on top of that?

“… Really, what value did we the people receive from that junket to San Jose in March 2013?”

A statement from John Lyons of People Before Profit


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