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Eva Longoria at the currently wifi-unfriendly Dublin Web Summit in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin within the past 30 minutes.

Emily sez:

Eva shouting out to all the women (about 15% of audience) and calls on us to be mentors. Can’t remember what else she said but great legs….

More as we get it.

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Pics: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland and Emily


Dublin Web Summit Founder Paddy Cosgrave

You MUST decide.

Explaining the growth of the Dublin Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave writes:

It’s taken us 4 years to scale Web Summit from 400 attendees to 20,000 and a bunch of physicists have played a big part.
Back in 2010, 3 international journalists showed up, this year it will exceed 1,200. Investors is up from 4 to over 800. Exhibitors from 3 to over 2,000.
With each passing year an increasing number of people ask how has it grown so fast? When I share the answer it’s almost never what people expect, so here it is:

Our growth has been largely propelled by data science. Or more correctly, in my view, network science. While conference companies hire event managers, we hire physicists with PHDs in areas like complex systems and network analysis. They then apply that knowledge and understanding to the task of creating and optimising real life networks. After all a conference is a network, albeit a momentary one. We love stuff like Gephi, NetworkX and Datasift, and algorithms like eigenvector centrality, Force Atlas and Fruchterman-Reingold.

…In other words, we “engineer serendipity” at the scale of 20,000 attendees. Put another way, the people at your table or on your pub crawl at Web Summit are neither a random collection of attendees nor a manually curated group of attendees, but rather the product of algorithms


*glazed look*


Engineering Serendipity: The Story of Web Summit’s Growth (Paddy Cosgrave, Dublin Web Summitt blog)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)




Dublin Web Summit 2014

Jay Rayner?




Well that escalated quickly.

The Dublin Web Summit hoo-hah.

The Lab writes:

We asked attendees of “What was the highlight for you?”

From top: Lada Redster promoting French website Vintagers; l-r: Hugo Reis, Luke Pendlebury and Finbar Browne promoting personal finance website Wally; James Mayes and Janna Bastow of ProdPad;Lee McAteer (centre), Director of NothingBut Epic Business

Previously: Alternatively

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

BX-elXwCIAAgVvn.jpg largeEmily outside the Summit wearing Google glasses. Karl’s hand grasps for a ‘go’.

twiddlerThe Twiddle stand at the Dublin Web Summit.

Lemon Meringue writes:

Would you give a mention to a shower of talented nerds – Suzanne O’Grady and David Canavan who have been at the Web Summit plugging their Irish start-up search engine…..Twiddle.
Twiddle is all about using mathematical algorithms to make searching on the internet much more effective, optimised and visual. Twiddle is really slick and more importantly a great new Irish start-up…



Twaddle or twenius.

YOU decide.


A premier online football prediction game, you say?

Enda Reid writes:

BullorBear is a new Irish start-up that will be officially launching their first product at the Dublin Web Summit tomorrow.
To celebrate the launch we are running a €1,000 Free to Join Predictions League, based on the Premier League and starting on November 9.

This is open to one and all and after two weeks of predictions the player with the most accumulated points will take down the massive cash jackpot!

We would love to get the word out about this free league and would be very grateful if you guys could get a post up about it and give your readers the chance to get involved. The web address for the free game is here. Thank you


Bull or Bear Leagues