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The capital of cargo plane painting.


Don’t try this on the Dart.


This afternoon.

Via Independent.ie:

‘…Lead, not follow. Put public health and science before political capital, ego, popular headlines, the peeves of public servants, the laissez-faire desires of lobbies, focus groups, key voter-segments, sections of the commentariat. Make clear that nobody’s night out, no steak, no pint, no sushi is worth more than the health or life of a human being.

Equally, there is no acceptable level of death, from a disease that is preventable, in a pandemic.

Mask primary-school children, introduce saliva testing. Cheap, effective, self-explanatory.

Restore contact test and trace in schools. Nphet “examining” the high numbers in the five to 12 age group is a farce. School without mitigations is the culprit, unless Mrs Murray’s second class are clubbing on the sly or doing nixers on the night-shift in the local meat plant.’

Vaccines are not enough – case numbers prove we still need other Covid mitigations (Miriam O’Callaghan)

An elegant synchronicity (top) captured last month at Valais in Switzerland by Olivier Staiger. To wit:

The contrail would normally appear white, but the large volume of air toward the setting Sun preferentially knocks away blue light, giving the reflected trail a bright red hue. Far in the distance, well behind the plane, is a crescent Moon, also slightly reddened….the featured image was taken so soon after sunset that planes in the sky were still in sunlight, as were their contrails.


Pleasing symmetries and patterns observed from above by photographer Mike Kelley, who hired a helicopter to fly him over LAX, the Southern California Logistics Airport,  Boeing Field/King County International Airport in Seattle and the Mojave and Victorville aero-boneyards.

How did he get permission to fly over LAX? Well, he’s had a special relationship with the airport since this photograph went viral in 2014.

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