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Elkpop/hardcore/punk from Cork

What you may need to know…

01. Returning from a prolonged hiatus are Leeside live faves of the mid-late aughts, pop/heft outfit Elk.

02. Releasing debut album We Should Start Our Own Gang in early 2009, the lads went quiet shortly thereafter, re-emerging live periodically, including for the launch of a split 7″ single with Crayonsmith in 2011. It’s been a busy few years, with the boys keeping the fires burning in, offhand, No Spill Blood, Hands Up Who Wants to Die, All Tvvins and Guilty Optics.

03. That long-player of theirs is streaming above, and available for free download via Bandcamp.

04. Elk return on Saturday night at Tivoli BackstageĀ in Dublin, supporting GUILTY OPTICS alongside Ten Past Seven. Ridiculous lineup.

Thoughts: Straightforward pop lurches into dreamy sounds, lurches back out into heft and distortion. Something for everyone, and a welcome return.