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The results of an Irish Examiner/ReachOut Ireland teen mental health survey “designed to capture the views of teenagers in Ireland in relation to youth mental health and the issues that affect them”.

Exams and school mostly.


#TeenMentalHealth Report Day 1: ‘I want it all to stop’ (Irish Examiner)

And still manage to lead a productive life?

The exams start tomorrow.

Many well known faces got poor results but didn’t let it hold them back. Bang Bang, Eamonn Lillis, David Drumm, Dominic McGlinchey, Peig Sayers, Ewok, John ‘Preposterous’ Ryan, Bodger and Chompsky to name just a few

Care to share your experiences with our younger readers that may stop them from freaking out help ease their fears?

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)