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This afternoon.

Tudor Lawns, Foxrock, County Dublin

A woman in her 40s is being questioned in connection with the death of a man at a house in Tudor Lawns, Foxrock in Dublin.
The body of the man, who was in his 20s, was found at around 11.30pm last night.It is understood he suffered serious stab wounds.
The body remains at the scene.

Woman held after man’s body found at Dublin house (RTÉ)


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Foxrock, Co Dublin

Anon writes:

Just wanted to share something which I had heard about but not actually witnessed until yesterday (Tuesday being Methadone day in Foxrock). Many times I have read commentary on similar situations, that certain affluent areas in South Co. Dublin “do not experience social issues like the rest of the city..” or “this would not be tolerated in D18..”
Well here is photographic evidence that it does. You can see a man and a woman sitting in the doorway of the local village pharmacy (presumably after receiving their methadone) inhaling what I can only assume is some sort of aerosol (possibly butane) before being moved on by a local resident/trader.
Quite sad overall to see any person in this situation be it in Foxrock or inner city Dublin, but I just wanted to highlight the fact that this does happen here. I am not from Foxrock but I have been living in the area for a while and I can only imagine the the diatribe and dissatisfaction from the Foxrock natives if they were fully aware… Would like to hear what you commenters have to say on this matter…