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[Brian Finnegan, editor of GCN]

Would you feel entirely safe holding your same-sex partner’s hand on the street in Ireland?

Jane Casey writes:

GCN/TheOutmost.com’s editor Brian Finnegan, will be discussing homophobia in Ireland on RTE’s Prime Time tonight. He will appear on a panel alongside Labour’s Ivana Bacik, The Iona Institute’s David Quinn and blogger Paddy Manning.We are collecting results for Brian to bring to the debate on RTÉ this evening {below)

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Gay Community News

ImageViewerGay Community News’ Pride cover.

Featuring Minnie Mélange (Sinéad Burke) as Snow White.

Jayne Casey writes:

Our Pride issue is out today, it’s our biggest issue of the year (for obvious reasons) . It includes a Pride guide, interviews with Haim and Leanne Harte (who graces the cover of [Irish Times’] The Ticket this morning too) and
loads of other bits and pieces. The hardcopy is available all over the country for free in cafes, libraries, colleges etc. Or link to the online pdf is below.



GCN Pride issue

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 12.39.11


The only magazine in the village.

Leanne Hart writes:

We’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary this month at Gay CommunityNews and we’ve created a short documentary looking back on a quarter of a century of being the voice of the queer nation. We’d love if you could share this on your website, we think people might be interested in seeing it. It was still illegal to be gay when GCN first went to press, so it’s a bit amazing looking at how far Ireland has come in this time.

Fair gay though, in fairness.


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