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Today’s Irish Independent

‘Walking down the street this morning, passing all the election posters, I thought about all of the mediocre men who have been elected to Leinster House over the years and how the most mediocre of all those men got elected because he was born a man (and his dad was probably a TD before him).

Female candidates have to work twice as hard to convince the electorate that they’re really as worthy as that man who has coasted along on his male privilege his whole life. They deserve a chance from all of us….

…If I meet a candidate who seems competent, hard-working and her politics somewhat align with mine, and she’s a woman, she is getting my vote next month.

Women cannot just be sidelined, arguing for change from our kitchens, we need to be allowed to thrive and fulfil our true potential in the political world too. Now, it’s women’s turn…’

Lorraine Courtney: ‘Give your vote to a woman – it’s the only way to break the tyranny of mediocre men’ (Independent.ie)

This afternoon.

Government Buildings, Duiblin 2.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan (top left) realises he may never see full equality in his lifetime.

Hence the dismay.

More as we get it.




“…while Iceland has topped the list for the sixth consecutive year, it’s important to note that amid many successes, disparities remain — something to keep in mind for all of the countries. The index measures gaps in access to resources and opportunities, not actual levels of the available resources and opportunities in those countries. In fact, the WEF [World Economic Forum] found that, at the current trajectory, it would take 81 years to completely close the gender gap.”


10 countries where gender equality is closer to reality (Mashable)

9030888890308874 90308884 9030888590308886Top, from left Lisa Chambers, a vice president of Fianna Fail, Michael Martin and Senator Averil Power at Leinster House today.

For the launch of a report containing recommendations by the Taskforce on Female Participation in Fianna Fáil chaired by Senator Power.

Have a gender…

The appointment of a Gender Equality Officer based in Fianna Fáil Headquarters;
A target of women making up one-third of the party local election candidates;
The establishment of a new Fianna Fáil Women Network to organise events for female members and provide support to female candidates;
A focus on encouraging more women to take up internal leadership positions, for example as constituency chairpersons;
A requirement for all constituency organisations to draw up their own plans to boost female participation locally.


Fianna Fail Action Plan (Fianna Fail)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)