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Dr. Zero Craic – Somebody That I Used To Know

An emotional version by Tadhg Hickey of the Goyte smash in tribute to the severed alliance between Leo Varadkar and Maitiu O Tuathail (top) aka Dr Zero Craic.

Explaining his decision to disclose confidential GP documents to Dr O Tuathail, the Tanaiste said:

“We are friends. But there are friends and there are friends. We are not close friends. Dr O Tuathail is the kind of friend that you meet two or three times a year.”

He added for emphasis:

“We’re not best mates or anything like that, I know that’s the narrative that’s trying to be created.”


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A(crap)ella – Some Tuna That I Used To Know

Seán writes:

Just thought I’d send this on: The heart-breaking tale of the love between a man and a can of tuna, set to one of this year’s most popular tunes, which has been “expertly” re-created in a cappella form. Either that, or I’ve completely lost it. One of the two.

YOU decide.