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Dr. Sylvie Briand, the World Health Organisation’s director of epidemic and pandemic, tweets a screenshot of what appears to be a new WHO guide to ‘alternatives’ to the cheek-kiss, the handshake and the fist bump.


Surgical Face Masks (Pigsback)

Earlier: “There Aren’t Wider Implications For Families Or For The Community”



From TG4’s Díol É

The Wet Fish
The Squeeze
The Sorry For Your Troubles
The Shortarse
The Awkward
The Junior B
The Perve
The Anglo
The Dairy
The Granddad
The Scobe
The Kung 5
The Matador
The Clean Freak
The Bray
The Palm Pool
The China Rattler
The Space Invader
The Arm Wrestler
The Lingerer

We’re all Freemasons now.

Niall Staines writes:

Díol É, is a new show [Tuesdays @ 20.00] from TG4 where contestants from all walks of life make deals and sell some of their old stuff to buy something new for themselves…and shake on it…

The Good Guide To Shaking Hands Good (TG4)

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