58 thoughts on “Bad Grammar Nazi

  1. MepMep

    Perhaps this anonymous cretin just wants to put a distinction between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ you-know-whats.

  2. ahyeah

    Hardly hate mail. Just (relatively) politely stating a fact – he is a “real” one, isn’t he? The ‘Vote No No No’ bit is just silly; a “real” one is hardly going to heed that advice.

      1. Starina

        also they managed to misspell “faggot”. twice. also see: use of “+” for “and” and “da” for “the”. i rest my case.

  3. JimmytheHead

    Careful lads, hes from Dublin Z. Thats the super rich suburb where their houses are made from lazers and they hunt flying unicorns for dinner.

    1. Owen

      I think Dublin z is Courtneys address…

      Might be no harm in blocking that one out there BS…

  4. James M.Chimney

    St. James’ Gate on the front of the card. Take that you Champagne drinking sodomites!

    The handwriting’s top notch.

  5. Jane

    Well, Shakespeare was of the opinion that brevity is the soul of wit. I can’t decide whether this postcard proves or disproves this theory. On the one hand, you have the elegant succinctness which manages to convey the full message in a very economical manner.

    On the other hand, it hardly qualifies as a well thought out argument.

    A puzzle for the ages.

  6. Fergus the magic postman

    I’m no Courtney fan.
    However if there’s ever a referendum to decide whether this type of person (who goes to some lengths to make another person feel bad for their own pleasure) has an equal right to inhabit this planet, I’ll be voting NO in that.

    1. sickofallthisbs

      Ah yeah sure it’s all about the freedom of your expression, isn’t it?

  7. St. John Smythe

    In fairness, its hard to write well with your bad hand, when you’re using your good hand to jerk off while composing this breathless rant.

  8. Randy Ewing

    Am I missing something ?

    What does your sexuality have to do with lower the age of presidential candidates ?

  9. Spaghetti Hoop

    Sending hate mail is a pretty low despicable thing to do. However, it looks like the sender got exactly the reaction they wanted. Would’ve ripped it up meself.

    1. Jane

      Well at the same time, Brendan shouldn’t have to be getting stuff like this and I think it does illustrate that for all the whining and moaning from the no side about how they’re too frightened to vote no or express an opinion, the reason for that is that they’re dimly aware, in the dank recesses of their minds, that they’re doing an unfair thing for horrible reasons. The no side has an underbelly of unkind, cruel people who will use proper intimidation and singling out of individuals at their home address to harass and demean on a very personal level.

    2. Sam

      I think the sender was hoping for Mr. Courtney to despair, rather than react defiantly.
      Too many people take this kind of abuse in silence.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      Yup. Once he was taught in school that being gay is acceptable, he wanted to be nothing else when he grew up.

  10. Murtles

    Who is this Brendan Courtenay and why are his tweets making it to Broadsheet whereas my fantastic picture of a cat with a monocle and a dickey bow gets overlooked. For shame.

  11. Grouse

    Did you ever have one of those pens when you were a kid with a motor inside the top that made it shake uncontrollably?

  12. The Old Boy

    I do like the fact that it’s on a postcard from the Guinness brewery. It would explain the appalling penmanship.

  13. Manta Rae

    What a fekn drama queen, no pun intended. I very much doubt this hate-mail episode, as described, happened.

    It’s the sort of contrived, look-at-me-I-am-such-a-victim incident, much like the Spar guy, that many from the LGBT community persistently dream up.

    Oh, and I’m voting yes btw…

    1. Caroline

      I very much doubt this comment was written as claimed, or at all. However if it was, it is typical of the type of yellow-pack Broadsheet trolls who sub themselves in late in the game and miss a sitter (no pun intended).

      1. Manta Rae

        Nice try but the football analogy fails on the suggestion that one can sub themselves into a game. Utter nonsense. Sometimes I wonder why I bother, when faced with such sloppy play from the ‘opposition’…

      1. yrtnuocecnareviled

        I used nearly a dozen puns here last week to see if they would make people laugh.
        No pun in ten did.

  14. ahyeah

    I suspect this was actually written in response to the increasingly prevailing view around town that Brendan Courtney is not actually a real homosexual. It’s all an act so that he gets to wear nice clothes. The writer seems to believe otherwise.

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