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12-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-main12-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-honey12-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-10012-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-cry12-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-gold12-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-ice212-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-60512-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-greenFrom a collection by New York based designer Sebastian Errazuriz entitled 12 Shoes For 12 Lovers – a dozen shoes inspired by the personality of the artist’s former lovers, accompanied (on his site) with a short, often explicit biog of the affair and the idiosyncrasies of each woman.

Above: ‘Jetsetter’ Jessica, ‘Honey’ Natasha, ‘Cry Baby’ Alexandra, ‘Gold Digger’ Alison, ‘Ice Queen’ Sophie, ‘The Rock’ Alice and ‘GI Jane’ Barbara.


The shoes, called Scary Beautiful, are a collaboration between artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg. Like Alexander McQueen’s infamous Armadillo heels, Lady Gaga is said to be very taken with them.

Apparently, they’re a commentary on ‘impossible standards of beauty’. To wit:

Humans are playing God by physically and metaphorically perfecting themselves. Beauty is currently at an all time climax, allowing this project to explore what lies beyond perfection. Scary Beautiful challenges current beauty ideals by inflicting an unexpected new beauty standard.



The late Alexander McQueen took his design-cue for his infamous Spring 2010 heels from HR Giger’s Alien. The prototypes above can’t be bought, which is extremely bad news for the set of women who occupy the intersect of the Venn diagram below.

Sorry for even bringing it up, eh, xenomorph-loving fashionistas. And Lady Gaga.

On a positive note: