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Ryan Tubridy on the set of last year’s Late Late Toy Show

This morning.

On RTÉ Radio One’s Ryan Tubridy Show…

Tubs told listeners over 91,000 applications have so far been made for tickets for this year’s Late Late Toy Show.

The application process opened five days ago.


The Late Late Toy Show Audience Ticket Application (RTÉ)


Where’s Wally record attempt in Merrion Square (top) and a crowd map of yesterday’s protest

Further to CrowdGate.

Graeme Kelly writes:

There were 3,657 people at the Where’s Wally record attempt in 2011. From my view of the crowd yesterday I saw the following (see map). Each red block on the map = approx say 3,500 . . Do the maths and let the comments begin…


B4h5v7YCIAISZQUcrowdThis afternoon.

John Gallagher writes:

This is a fraction of today’s Right2Water march. Second shot taken at corner of Merrion Square looking toward Merrion Street. March backed all the way Nassau Street…Garda say 30K. More like 100K on Wednesday at 2.00pm.



Jonny Pardoe tweetz:

All the way from College Green to Merrion Square. Count that!

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