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Roisin Burke, in the Evening Echo, reports:

Three people have been arrested and a number of weapons and drugs were seized as part of a multi-agency Operation Thor day of action yesterday.

Five premises in Mallow, Country Cork were searched where Gardaí recovered weapons including knives, an imitation firearm, knuckle dusters and some modified weapons [including alarmingly crude bladed hurl, above]

Weapons and drugs seized after five premises raided by Mallow gardaí (Evening Echo)


Step 1. Plant seeds
Step 2. Wait while tree grows
Step 3. Cut tree
Step 4. Make into Hurley shape
Step 5. Pull Hard

Dalachy writes:

“From Craic and Divilment Productions. Available in County Colours of your choice. €5 or three Lotto scratch cards. Pick them up in The Blue Note, Galway.”

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