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This morning.

New research suggests a previous coronavirus infection gives double jabbed people ‘greater protection’ from, er, coronavirus infection.

Via RTÉ News

Past Covid infection, together with being fully vaccinated, increases an individual’s protection against the virus to as much as 94%,according to the Zoe Covid study.

Professor Tim Spector, of Kings College London, a lead scientist on the Zoe Covid study app, said:

“Regardless of which vaccine is administered, this latest research shows that having a natural Covid-19 infection before double vaccination does mean greater protection.

“This is really positive news for overall immunity levels in the UK and means that large numbers of people will have effective and long lasting protection from Covid-19.

This is also strong evidence to support the need for vaccination, even for those who have already had Covid-19.”


Past covid infection plus vaccination gives greater protection, study suggests (RTÉ)



Good times.