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This afternoon.

Fergus Keane writes:

Today is FREEDOM DAY when C19 restrictions finally end and we can wander our city streets again to drink, dance and SPEND!

During the C19 epidemic the Irish government considered hiring Influencers to communicate public messages. The idea was quietly shelved at the time.

Now that the panic is over, our once deserted Dublin city centre is opening up again. Two of Dublin’s top influencers have been commissioned at enormous expense to welcome you back to drink, shop, take selfies with cops, and most importantly, spend in our city centre once more. Full information film coming soon.

FRO Films

Choice cuts from the “ТЭЦ-5” location tag on instagram wherein ‘influencers’ pose and preen against the backdrop of what would appear to be the pristine turquoise waters of the Indian ocean but is – in fact – the ash dump pond of Heating And Electrical Station Number 5 in Siberia.

Last month, the company warned visitors not to enter the calcium salt and metal oxide contaminated waters, to little effect.

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