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Denis O’Brien in New York in 2012

‘The O’Reilly family’s stranglehold on most of Irish journalism is over and that can only be good….I’m delighted that businessman Denis O’Brien, much admired here in America, is taking over effectively as the chief shareholder of Ireland’s largest newspaper group, Independent News and Media.

Denis O’Brien will bring a very different set of values to the newspaper world in my opinion. He is a creator not a destroyer, who has pumped tens of millions of his own funds into Haiti and other impoverished countries where his company Digicel does business.’

Niall O’Dowd, Irish Central April 25, 2012.

Denis O’Brien, a billionaire with a mission not just to make money (Niall O’Dowd, Irish Central, April 25, 2012)

‘…A public tribunal set up by the state had found in 2011 that O’Brien had paid over €1 million to a government minister who had facilitated him in winning the cell phone license in Ireland that was the basis of his fortune. And there were other worrying aspects about O’Brien which raised questions about his suitability as a national newspaper boss.

O’Brien’s seven years in control of INM have been characterized by cutbacks and confusion as a way to halt the decline was desperately sought. Many of the best journalists at INM left and staff pensions were cut almost in half.

On the plus side, the development of Independent.ie was impressive, resulting in unique visitor numbers for the site that ran into millions a month. But as noted above, this never translated into significant revenue and the sour mood among staff at INM has become even more depressed in the last few years.’

John Spain, Irish Central yesterday

What’s next for declining Independent News and Media after sale (John Spain, Irish Central)

Pic via Irish America magazine

angelakerrinsfullNIallIRISHCENTRAL LOGO[From top: Angela Kerins, Niall O’Dowd, IrishCentral logo]

“[This] website is coming to you this morning despite efforts by lawyers for Angela Kerins, the head of Rehab Ireland.
As of Thursday (Feb 13) our host server Limelight was told in a lawyer’s letter that they were liable for an article written here two weeks ago and warned to take it down immediately. We apparently will also be sued….”

Publisher Niall O’Dowd, founder of New York-based IrishCentral.com.

More here: Irish charity head Angela Kerins threatens us legally over story (Niall O’Dowd, Irish Central)


The First Amendment?

Plus: Only a few days left to play Angela’s salary lotto

Pics Rehab, Irish Voice.

No really.

Ten thousand visas every year.

In a major breakthrough Massachusetts Senator [and former Cosmo centrefold] Scott Brown said the Irish E3 visa bill  which he filed is “about to pop” on Capitol Hill. The Republican Senator has said it is possible it will pass as soon as this week.

Speaking to the Boston Herald Brown stated “It really addresses something that’s been wrong and provides a legal path for citizenship,” said Brown, who said his bi-partisan workmanship could make this bill happen.

The bill would allow 10,000 Irish a year to come on two-year work visas that could then be renewed every two years.


Senator Scott Brown Says Irish E3 Immigrant Visa Bill Is “About To Pop” (Niall O’Dowd)