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Jinx Lennon sings ‘Pushing The Patients Round’ on The Tommy Tiernan Show on RTÉ 1.

Johnny Keenan writes:

Delighted to see Jinx Lennon being talked about far and wide online, after his performance on The Tommy Tiernan Show over the weekend.

The first time I saw Jinx perform was in 2005. It’s fair to say he blew my mind. I was delighted and honoured to have booked him many times since.

Jinx is a porter in Dundalk hospital. Like the song goes, pushin’ all the patients round. His music is raw and real. He is one of the very few Irish artists to tell it as he sees it.

For all the new fans of Jinx please enjoy this live set from a fantastic venue run by sound heads in Dundalk’s premiere venue, Spirit Store, the breathing ground for emerging talent.

Jinx Lennon