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jcorrie-228x300Jonathan Corrie (above) and the doorstep on Molesworth Street (top) where he was found.


Via The Kilkenny People:

The only harm Jonathan Corrie  ever did was to himself.

Many of us who knew him through the Kilkenny District Court know what his family went through and how they did all in their power to help him.

They were always there in the body of the court, willing to go bail for him, whenever he needed them to do so. However, from an early age he was gripped by alcohol and then drugs. It was his way of coping and his way of masking his shyness.

Jonathan Corrie was a fine cut of a man when he was young always in a T-shirt, he never felt the cold.

He was extremely quiet, a bit of loner. He didn’t seem to understand what was going on in court when he was being prosecuted for being drunk and disorderly or petty theft or rather had he decided at an early age, that he himself was a lost cause. Looking back, it is simple to see now, that Jonathan Corrie didn’t fit in.

…From 16 years old onwards, he was a regular in Kilkenny district court and whatever petty crime he was responsible for, he owned up to it. There was absolutely no guile in him and I always felt that he was a tortured soul and really didn’t understand the world around him. The supports were not there for him.

Jonathan Corrie’s shyness masked by drink and drugs (KilkennyPeople)

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)