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John Moran, former secretary general at the Department of Finance (top left) and Alan Dukes, former Chairman of IBRC (top right) and an excerpt from the minutes of a meeting held between IBRC and Department of Finance officials on December 1, 2011

How tense?

Freshly obtained FOI documents by Catherine Murphy reveal the level of mistrust and rancour between the Department of Finance and Alan Dukes, chairman of IBRC, formerly Anglo.

They include a letter Dukes sent to former secretary general at the Department of Finance John Moran on October 6, 2011.

Followed by the minutes of two meetings between IBRC and Department of Finance officials  – on November 24 and December 1, 2011 – when both Dukes and Moran were present.

The final document is a letter Moran sent to Dukes on December 23, 2011.

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Shane Ross TD (above) said that the selection of the auditors of the banks was of critical importance and expressed concern that bank boards stuck to their auditors like clams and paid them huge sums of money.

John Moran said he was happy to raise the issue with the banks but that in his opinion that it was an issue for the banks themselves.

Mr. Moran said the fact that the €3.6 billion error in government debt computations that continued to exist over such a long period was wholly regrettable. He said the creation of a finance and risk office within the Department of Finance was designed to prevent a reoccurrence of such an error throughout the department as a whole.


The Public Accounts Committee Has Been Told That The Banks have Adequate Capital To deal With Arrears (RTE)


He heard it off one of the Buddhist kids in the juice bar.

John Moran.

Kevin Cardiff’s replacement at the 3.6 billion error report whatsit this morning.

Damn you weirdly hot, Oprah-fied, mid-life crisis financial quasi-hipster.

The Department of Finance has insisted it did not airbrush five years spent running a juice bar from the CV of its new secretary general. John Moran [above] was appointed to the position, considered the top post within the civil service, this week. However, an extremely detailed CV released by the Department failed to make any mention of the Celtic Tiger years he spent running a juice bar in the south of France.

We Did Not Airbrush Our New Boss’s CV – Finance Dept (Caroline Crawford, Evening herald)

Deputy Doherty told the House that John Moran had headed up a company that was censured by a US watchdog. A Department of Finance spokesperson has said that the events cited by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, referred to in the Dáil today, had occurred in the New York office of Zurich Capital Markets before Mr Moran joined that office.

Doherty Suspended Over Moran Claims (RTE)

Department of Finance Denies Any Wrong-Doing By New Secretary General Following Sinn Féin Questions (Politics.ie)

John Moran (LinkedIn)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)