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With a pair of tickets to Whole Lotta Zep TOMORROW at the Sugar Club, leeson Street, Dublin to giveaway we asked you: Name your Zep tribute act.

You answered in your hedgerow-bustling tens.

Runners up

Neilo: Achill’s Last Stand
David J: Codaline
Scottser: When The Liffey Breaks
Bingo: The Songs Remain The Same
Pip: Houses of the Holy F*ck


Dee Cunniffe: Stairway To Glasnevin

Cool Hand Lucan: Battle of Avonmore

Thanks all.

Give Your Child The Joy Of Zep

Update: ‘Cool Hand Lucan’ is unable to attend the gig tomorrow.

As per ‘sheet house rules there willl now be a Zep-off between the five runners-up to secure the spare tickets.

Voting must close at 9pm.

UPDATE: Scottser has won the spare tickets.