What Is Not And What Should Never Be



With a pair of tickets to Whole Lotta Zep TOMORROW at the Sugar Club, leeson Street, Dublin to giveaway we asked you: Name your Zep tribute act.

You answered in your hedgerow-bustling tens.

Runners up

Neilo: Achill’s Last Stand
David J: Codaline
Scottser: When The Liffey Breaks
Bingo: The Songs Remain The Same
Pip: Houses of the Holy F*ck


Dee Cunniffe: Stairway To Glasnevin

Cool Hand Lucan: Battle of Avonmore

Thanks all.

Give Your Child The Joy Of Zep

Update: ‘Cool Hand Lucan’ is unable to attend the gig tomorrow.

As per ‘sheet house rules there willl now be a Zep-off between the five runners-up to secure the spare tickets.

Voting must close at 9pm.

UPDATE: Scottser has won the spare tickets.

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12 thoughts on “What Is Not And What Should Never Be

  1. Neilo

    Cool, if I’d won I’d have tried to pass the tickets on to rockin’ kids and parents. Well done, all!

  2. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    Balls. I’m really sorry I’m not going to be available tomorrow. The tickets can go to the next person.

    1. scottser

      i reckon me, bingo, neilo, david j and pip should have a ‘drink off’ for them tickets. pint for pint, last man standing gets them.

  3. Dog Gone. IT

    Those are worthy winners.

    I nominate Scottser or Pip to take the prize if Lucan can’t make it

  4. scottser

    I’m not able to go tonight after all and I’ve asked john to pass them on. Hope whoever goes has a deadly time. I know Simon and he makes sure these gigs rock.

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