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You’ll recall Enda’s speech last week at Béal na mBláth, Co Cork, where he mentioned Lenin’s “visit” to Ireland?


It’s had a Soviet-style makeover.

Amended transcript of Enda Kenny’s speech on FineGael.ie

Amended transcript of Enda Kenny’s speech on the Department of Taoiseach’s website.

And this is what he actually said.

(Thanks Mr Worf)

If you’re lying to plain speaking folk,
And you’re caught out while pulling a stroke,
You’ll be taught by some cynic,
In a spin doctor’s clinic,
To smile, and announce you “misspoke.”

John Moynes

Unless you think you can do better?

Oh yes, it’s a  Thursday ‘Rick OFF.

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UPDATE: the winner:

Enda Kenny has egg on his face,
From a visit that never took place,
Now historians moan,
About the National Loan,
And his speechwriter’s going to be replaced.

Clifford Killeen

He went to Tayto Park and Oliver Plunkett’s head.

Did Michael Collins Bring Lenin To Ireland?

From Enda Kenny’s address at Beal na mBlath, Co Cork, on Sunday:

Here at Beal na mBlath we are indeed on sacred ground. The brave, impulsive decision…. “Stop! and we’ll fight them”…. ended Michael Collin’s life but not his power over our history, our national heart, our imagination.
Today, we honour his civilian legacy.
The brilliant Minister for Finance. The outstanding organiser who brought Lenin himself to Ireland to see how the National Loan worked.




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