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This morning.

Cork’s 96FM Opinion Line with PJ Coogan.

Deirdre writes:

A note (top) from one Corkonian to a Good Samaritan who stopped his car from rolling down Patrick’s Hill went viral over the weekend…

It’s author was none other than 96fm’s superstar DJ, Darren Johnston.

Darren, who no longer uses social media himself was pretty surprised to be going viral nonetheless…





Anon writes:

I live on a laneway and I have a CCTV monitoring activity outside. Last Saturday night some muppet jumped off a ledge onto the bonnet on my significant other’s pride and joy [vintage Mazda MX-3].

The Gardai have seen the footage and are unlikely to find him as he looks like a middle class recreational ‘reveller’ and therefore anonymous. So, I thought that it might be nice if he became famous on the interwebs….