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Behold: the government’s proposed new performance-measuring points system for civil service managers who, according to an internal review, fail to manage (and erroneously promote or reward) sub-standard staff.

You at the back. Pay attention there:

The system involves a sliding five-point scale. Five points is “outstanding”, four points “exceeds the required standard”, three points is “fully acceptable”, two points “needs improvement”, while one point is “unacceptable”.

The expert group that drew up the scale anticipated that – based on other organisations – up to 10 per cent of staff would score a single point, while up to 20 per cent would score two points.

However, an internal review of the system found a majority of civil servants – 65 per cent – were awarded between four and five points by their managers during 2010.

In contrast, just 1 per cent of staff were assessed at between one and two points.

Meanwhile, eh, only yesterday.

Senior civil servants to face sanction for failing to manage staff (Irish Times)